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Recently I was approached to review www.4MyFriend.com, a site dedicated to memorials for pets.

I admit I was cautious and asked myself did I want to discuss such a sensitive topic but after viewing this site I was impressed with the classiness and sensitivity of the site.




Pet owners are a passionate group of people dedicated to the love and well being of their animals, no matter it be a dog, cat, reptile, horse, bunny, hamster, fish or pot bellied pig, we all have the same desire to give back to our pets just as much love and happiness they give us, and personally speaking, the thought of having to say good-bye is heart breaking to say the least.

We consider our pets part of the family, one of our children, and we feel an emptiness when they are gone. But what if there was a place we could post a picture(s) and/or video of our pet, a dedication to their lives, a celebration of the love and happiness they gave us in the too short of a time they spent with us?

4MyFriend is a Canadian company based in Vancouver. When I asked the reason for establishing such a site they said,  “I come from a family of pet lovers. We often talked about how our pets should be memorialized using the same standards we set for people. The site is the culmination of years of discussion, planning, design and technical programming.”

Prices to create a memorial range from Free to $35.00, should you choose not to renew, the memorial will remain visible but you’ll no longer be able to edit or change it.



As the subscriber, you can choose to include as many or as few features as you want:

  • Charitable Donations
  • Social Sharing
  • Copy
  • Guest Book
  • Photos and Videos

4MyFriend.com is a beautiful way to celebrate our pet’s lives and the love they bring to ours.

If you have a pet you would like to post a memorial for, 4MyFriend.com is offering a code for your use: 1504MTK


Disclaimer: Views and opinions are my own. I have been compensated by 4MyFriend for this post.

Author: Kelly Harding

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