5000! Thank You!

It all started

July 20, 2012

at 2:20pm

My very first tweet!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.04.27 PM


Little did I know what a ride it would be over the next couple of years!

I thought maybe I’ll meet a few other dog friends, we could woof with each other once in a while, share common interests; our love of food and toys, discuss how I spend the days with my humom and what it’s like living with 2 cats.

In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be writing a post to celebrate reaching:


I’ve tried explaining to “non-twitterers” what I do and it goes one of two ways – A blank stare as they try to figure out what I’m talking about and wondering if I’ve lost my mind, or my favourite – the people who think it’s the greatest thing ever and want to know more about it 🙂

How can anyone, a Pug and her typist included, not like waking up in the morning and being greeted with:

A Good morning tweet

A Barkday wish on your special day

A Tweet that makes you smile or laugh

 Support from friends when you are unwell or having a bad Pug day?

Then of course there have been the opportunities that have come over the past couple of years, opportunities that may never have happened had I not sent out that first tweet.


I was given the opportunity to visit the Ontario SPCA where I  saw pets who are not as fortunate as I.  Since we can’t help or bring every one of them home with us, I help by sharing information about these pets in the hopes that maybe just one of my tweets, posts to my blog, or shares on my Facebook, will give them a chance to find a forever home.


I was honoured to be included in a children’s book that was produced by a fellow friend on twitter.  The proceeds of this book went to benefit Canines for Kids.

A Pug and their food go together like – well, nothing goes together more than Pug’s and their love of food 😉

It was my love food and the love of the Royal Canin brand of food that made another of this Pug’s dreams come true.  I was invited to meet the wonderful people who are behind the scenes in producing my most favourite food ever, and get to tour the Royal Canin facilities.


I also have the honour of being Ambassador to Royal Canin Canada

Not all of my tweets are pet related. Being the Very Social Pug that I am, I like to woof with many, including some companies, one such company is Telus.

What stared out as a Pug tweeting about her love of the Telus commercials, how they make me run to the TV each time they come on, how I cry when I see the critters on TV because I want to play with them, has turned into a wonderful friendship.

Telus didn’t care that I “was just a Pug” woofing with them on twitter. They didn’t care that I wasn’t a Telus customer, (although that has changed in the past 6 months), Telus Support, Telus, and Telus Talks Business answered each and every tweet this Pug has sent them.

I did campaigned to have my dream of becoming a Telus Pug critter come true – it hasn’t happened – yet 😉 but I was recently given the title:


 “Unofficial Critter”


What has been the best thing about being a Pug on twitter?

The personal friendships my humom and I have made.

It wouldn’t seem right not to mention my #Besties who have been with me almost from the beginning, making me smile everyday 🙂


also know as

“Ruthie” with Sweet Maggie and Cat Thomas


My #BigBrother #SeperatedAtBirth


A.K.A. Neems



So how can I say Thank You to my friends?

To Everyone and Everyfurone

For following,

being our friend,

making us laugh,

supporting us in our adventures


just being there each day?

With the support of my twitter friends, Telus, Ontario SPCA, and Cinnabon Canada, they have kindly donated items for me to have a give-a-way to say:

Thank You!

Package #1

 Open to Ontario Residences Only


PetSmart Gift Card -courtesy of me, Edie 😉

1 Telus Panda Critter

Coupons for Cinnabon

Bandana courtesy of Ontario SPCA

Package #2

Open to Canada (Excluding Quebec) and US Residence


PetSmart Gift Card -courtesy of me, Edie 😉

1 Telus Panda Critter

Bandana  courtesy of Ontario SPCA

Copy of the book “Adventures around the Campfire”

Please note what give-away you are entering.

 Package #1 is ONLY available to Ontario Residences.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. My first memory of tweeting with @ediethepug was the adorable pictures! My boys and I love puppy pics!

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  2. my first memory of tweeting with Edie was a few months ago, my Whippet Barney and my English Cocker Spaniel Bon Bon are Edie groupie’s and love Tongue Out Tuesday posts : ) @MushypeaJane

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  3. My first memory of tweeting with @ediethepug …was a wonderful experience ! Congrats on 5,000 🙂

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  4. My first memory tweeting with edie the pug was a little while ago and what I remember most was thinking how cute is the name “EDIE THE PUG” . It for some reason just seems to epitomize Edie and be so cute at the same time.

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  5. My first memory of tweeting with @ediethepug … was seeing that adorable face.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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  6. My first memory of tweeting with @ediethepug … was at Blissdom and tweeted her about missing my pups. Then I got to scratch her for a little while.

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  7. Great job Edie! Congratulations!

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  8. My first memory of tweeting with @ediethepug was helping her find fellow Canadian pets on Twitter! We became great friends from that moment on!

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  9. Oh Edie! You make me smile everyday!! Congratulations on 5000 followers. XXOO

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  10. Who knew I would have daily tweets with a pug and enjoy them. It was also fab to meet the typist (humom) at Blissdom 2014.

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  11. Cathy Canton introduced me to @ediethepug a few months — she said I’d find it funny and she was right! I love following Edie’s adventures! Congratulations on 5,000 followers. 🙂

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  12. My first memory of tweeting with @ediethepug was a couple months ago and I replied to a photo Edie tweeted. It was very cute! Thanks for the walk down memory lane and for this contest, Edie! Congrats on gaining 5 000 followers, and to the success of your blog! 🙂

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