8 Photos of Happiness

What Makes Me Happy

I have been nominated by Talent Hounds to post my “8 Photos of Happiness”.

This was more challenging than I expected!  I’m a pretty happy pug and I get joy from so many areas of my life; my toys, going places, meeting new friends, but what gives me the most joy and happiness is when I’m with my humans 🙂

The following 8 Photos are just a small part of what makes my pug life the happiest.

Number 1:

Car Rides!

Car rides

Car rides make me happy because it means I’m going somewhere special – maybe the park or the pet store for a new toy!

Number 2:

My cats Lily and Lloyd

Lily -1IMG_0446

I know – big surprise, but as much as I complain about them they are my friends

Number 3:

My Nana

IMG_2033My Nana always takes time to give me cuddles and I can always depend on her for a treat or 2!

Number 4:

Being outside on my garden chair, enjoying summer, watching the birds and keeping an eye on the squirrels


Number 5:

Helping fellow animals at the Ontario SPCA by sharing their pictures and stories in the hopes they will find their forever home


Number 6:

Being Ambassador for Royal Canin Canada. This makes me happy because I can share my story of becoming a fit and healthier pug


Number 7:

Connecting with my Twitter and Facebook friends! They always make me happy 🙂


Number 8:

My Humom 🙂


Even though she doesn’t enjoy the spotlight as much as I do, she takes care of me, loves me, and is always there for me when I need a cuddle or lap to nap on.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. How wonderful! I love your list and seeing those happy photos. I don’t know if I’ve found you on FB so I’m off to check. PS> I don’t see many black pugs, your shiny fur is so pretty.

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    • I am on Facebook! I will look for you as well. Thank you for the compliment on my shiny coat 🙂

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  2. Aww – love this challenge and your photos. You have a lot of good reasons to be happy.

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    • Thank you! I am very lucky and happy indeed.

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