A Pug at the OVMA 2015

Not all dogs like going to their veterinarian’s office.

The thought of having a check up, being weighed, getting needles, having our temperature taken, being poked and prodded is not what most dogs would put at the top of their list of fun things to do.

So can you only imagine what it was like being the only dog at the Ontario Veterinarian Medical Convention filled with nothing but veterinarians!

What was my humom doing to me?

Was there something wrong with me that I needed an entire room filled with veterinarians?

“Are you Edie the Pug?”

“Can I pet you?”

“Oh my gosh you are the cutest.”

The cuddles, the attention, the love I received from everyone, this is what pugs dream are made of!

Now tell me, what pug wouldn’t want to be in a room with people, veterinarians and pet health care providers that give this kind of attention?

What a relief it was when it turned out I was the centre of attention not because I was unwell, but because I was healthy!  Yes, healthy!

I was attending the OVMA convention in Toronto to woof to all these wonderful people about my weight loss, the journey that has lead me to become a healthier, fitter pug, and how Royal Canin’s Satiety Support helped me achieve this goal.


I watched as Dr. Jackie Parr lead discussions about obesity in pets and demonstrated the difference between weighing dry food as opposed to “scooping” it.


I saw my name and picture up on the big screen where it displayed my “before and after” pictures, shocking indeed.


Can you imagine my excitement when I looked up and saw my own personal vets there! Yes, I have 2 fantastic vets, Dr. J. Au and Dr. J. Elmhirst and they give the best belly rubs!


It was at the suggestion of my vet’s  Dr Au and Dr. Elmhirst, that I start on Royal Canin Satiety Support to get me started on my weight loss journey. They stood by my side and encouraged me along the way to be a healthier pug.

So all my worry was for nothing.  Seeing all these vets was not scary at all, in fact it was a fantastic day with caring people that only want the best for us so we can lead a long, healthy, happy life!


Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are my own. I have received Royal Canin brand dog and cat food in exchange for posting about Royal Canin on this blog.

Author: Kelly Harding

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