My Journey Continues- A Pug’s Story to Healthy Weight Loss

My Journey Continues

A Pug’s Story to Healthy Weight Loss

I’m Edie the Pug

I love food


This is the continuing story of:

My Healthy Weight Loss Journey

In a recent post,” My Journey – A Pug’s Story to Healthy Weight Loss“, I woofed about my challenges with weight loss and my love of food, but with encouragement from my humom, my vet and my food, Royal Canin’s Satiety Support, I’m beginning to see the treat dish at the end of the dog rainbow.

I’ve woofed about the struggles and challenges I’ve had obtaining a healthy weight, but I’m happy to woof that after visiting my vet last week, I am down in weight again!

Yes this Pug has lost another



How have I done this you might ask?  Well let me share my secret – well it’s not really a secret, but everyone seems to listen better when they think they’re going to hear one 😉

  • My meals are divided – 3 times a day
  • Each meal is measured – not scooped by a bowl or cup, but weighed on a scale.

Of course exercise plays an important role. I take my humom for a walk each day and when it’s too hot or humid for pugs to be outside, I play fetch in the house or go to the local pet store for a walk up and down the isles. If my humom is really good, I’ll let her buy me a new toy at the pet store 😉

Personally, my favourite meal time is lunch, this the meal I go crazy for!  You see, I learned in May of this year that dog does not live on dry food alone!  What a revaluation this was!  My Satiety Support now came in wet form and I just love it!

My Journey Continues- A Pug's Story to Healthy Weight Loss

Loving the new addition of Satiety Support Wet

The Satiety Support Wet is given to me in measured amounts just as the dry.  The Satiety Wet has all the benefits of the dry, but in addition to keeping me satisfied, it adds more water into my diet, which for me is important, because like a lot of other small dogs, I am not much of a water drinker and as a result has made me susceptible to UTI’s in the past.

For more information about these products, and to be sure they are right for your dog, consult with your veterinarian.


Disclosure: All opinions about Edie, her weight loss journey and how it affected Edie’s health are my own personal experience. Edie has been on Royal Canin products since she was a puppy and continues to be on Royal Canin Satiety Support (dry and wet). Edie is Ambassador to Royal Canin Canada, but this in no way influences my opinions of the product. Edie has and is always monitored by her veterinarian to ensure her health, her healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Author: Kelly Harding

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