About Us – Kelly and Edie the Pug

I’m Kelly Harding but many of you may know me better as “Edie the Pug’s humom”.

I originally started my pet blog “I Love My Dog More Than My Kids” to showcase Edie’s adventures and her personal thoughts and opinions of the life of a pug dog.

Over the years our lives have evolved and so too has our pet blog “I Love My Dog More Than My Kids”.


About Kelly

About Us - Kelly and Edie the Pug

Kelly and Edie the Pug

I am a mother of two sons, pet parent to Edie the Pug, cats Lily and Lloyd and our latest addition, Edna the Pug!

Growing up I owned, trained and competed across Ontario with my horses.

Animals and animal welfare have always been my passion.


About Edie the Pug

About Us - Kelly and Edie the Pug

Kelly and Edie the Pug

Edie came into my life in 2010 and life as I knew it changed – for the better!

Edie the Pug can be found on all social media channels:

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and now you can view Edie and all her adventures on her own website EdiethePug.com !





What we believe in:

I believe in being honest about the information I share and the products I promote. Occasionally I am approached to promote and/or review pet products, however, before publishing or sharing any product with my readers and followers, the product must be one I would personally use, or would use for my own pets.

Any pet health information I share, I do so with the assistance of a veterinarian as in our section called “Vet Chat with Dr.Ryan Llera”. I am not a pet health professional and therefore I do not want to provide misinformation to other pet parents.

I am a strong supporter of the veterinarian community and advocate for healthy pets . I believe in regular veterinarian checkups for all pets and sharing the importance of obtaining and maintaining healthy weight in pets. I’ve had the privilege of attending and speaking at veterinarian conferences and veterinarian clinics, where I share my struggles of once having had an obese dog and the ultimate success my dog has had by reaching and continuing to maintain a healthy weight.


About Us - Kelly and Edie the Pug

Kelly and Edie with Dr. Ernie Ward

Media Appearances:

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of attending events, appearing on Television, and beening featured in print. Below is a sample of some of our appearances.

Featured in a pet health promotional video for Royal Canin

Appeared on TV – CanadaAM, CP24 Animals House Calls, CTV


About Us - Kelly and Edie the Pug

Edie with Dr. Alex German on CP24’s Animal House Calls


Appeared at the Toronto International Auto Show

About Us - Kelly and Edie the Pug

Appearing at the Toronto International Auto Show


Featured in BlogTo article:

About Us - Kelly and Edie the Pug

Featured in BlogTO article showcasing the many sites and attractions Toronto has to offer



Achievements and Awards

  • Ambassador to Royal Canin Canada
  • Certified Good Canin Neighbour by The Canadian Kennel Club
  • Awarded in the Top 5 for Community Outreach Pets+US
  • Voted Toronto’s Top Small Dog 2016/2017

Let’s Connect!

E-Mail: Kelly@ediethepug.com

Twitter: @ediethepug

Instagram: @ediethepug

Facebook: Miss Edie the pug

Author: Kelly Harding

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