About Us – Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

I’m Kelly Harding but many of you may know me better as Edie and Edna the Pug’s humom

Our pet blog I Love My Dog More Than My Kids originally began as a way to showcase Edie’s adventures and her personal thoughts and opinions of the life of a pug dog.

Over the years our lives have evolved and so too has our blog, ILoveMyDogMoreThanMyKids.com


About Kelly

About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Kelly with Edie the Pug

I am the mother of two sons and pet parent to Edie and Edna the pugs, our cat Lloyd and our angel cat Lily.

Growing up horses were my passion. It was not unusual to find me in a barn mucking out stalls, grooming and exercising others horses so I could afford to own, maintain and compete across Ontario with my own horses. Although my dreams and aspirations of becoming a member of, and competing for the Canadian Equestrian Olympic team did not evolve, my passion for all animals and their welfare continued to grow.


About Edie the Pug

About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Kelly and Edie the Pug

Edie came into my life in 2010 and life as I knew it changed – for the better!

This little pug dog, opened my world in ways I could never have imagined. If you follow Edie on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, how she is portrayed is exactly how she is –  outgoing, kind, with a very social personality!




About Edna the Pug

About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Edna the Pug

Edna joined our home in March 2018 and what a whirlwind it has been!

This compact, athletic, full of energy little pug has a twinkle of naughtiness in her eyes and a cuteness that lets her get away with much more than should be allowed. 

Edna keeps us laughing and continuously on our feet!

Of course Edna is learning the ropes of loving the camera and enjoying the limelight as much as her big sister Edie. 

Edna shares the Social Media spotlight with Edie, on Twitter, Instagram and  Facebook 


What We Believe In

We believe in being honest about the information we share and the products we promote.

Occasionally we are approached to promote and/or review pet products. However, before publishing or sharing any item, the product must be one we would personally use, or use for my own pets. Interested in working with us on an upcoming project, new pet product, or do you have event you would like promoted? Be sure to check out our Media Page for more information.

Pet Health Information

Occasionally I share pet health information on our blog. I am not a pet health professional and I do not want to provide misinformation about pet health. Any pet health information shared here on our blog is done with the assistance of a veterinarian, as seen in our section called Vet Chat .

Who We Support

I am a strong supporter of the veterinarian community and an advocate for healthy pets.

About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Kelly and Edie with Dr. Alex German and Dr. Ernie Ward

I believe in regular veterinarian checkups for all pets. I share the importance of obtaining and maintaining healthy weight in pets. I’ve had the privilege of attending and speaking at veterinarian conferences and veterinarian clinics where I share my struggles of once having had an obese dog, and the healthy success my dog has had reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

The Farley Foundation

It’s been proven that sharing our lives with pets bring happiness, emotional support, alleviates stress, increases our social interactions and physical activity. Looking after a pet can contribute to a sense of purpose and well being. 

And it’s this reason I support The Farley Foundation.

The Farley Foundation is an organization in Ontario that helps low-income pet owners, the elderly, those with disabilities, those suffering from temporary financial hardship, and women at risk of abuse who are entering a registered Ontario women’s shelter and who are participating in OVMA’s SafePet Program


Media Appearances

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of attending events, appearing on television, and been featured in print.

Below is a sample of some of our appearances.

Featured In Pet Health Video For Royal Canin

TV Appearances 

CP24 Animals House Calls, CTV, CanadaAM

About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Featured on Animal House Calls CP24

About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Appearing with Dr. Alex German on CP24


About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Appearing on CTV with Anwar Knight

Toronto International Auto Show

About Us - Kelly with Edie and Edna the Pugs

Appeared at the Toronto International Auto Show


Featured in BlogTo



Achievements and Awards

  • Ambassador to Royal Canin Canada
  • Certified Good Canin Neighbour by The Canadian Kennel Club
  • Awarded in the Top 5 for Community Outreach – PetsPlusUS
  • Voted Toronto’s Top Small Dog 2016/2017

Let’s Connect!

Twitter: @ediethepug

Instagram: @ediethepug

Facebook: MissEdieThePug


Author: Kelly Harding

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