About Us

I’m Kelly Harding but many of you may know be better as “Edie the Pug’s humom”.

I originally started my pet blog “I Love My Dog More Than My Kids” to showcase Edie’s adventures and her personal thoughts and opinions of the life of a pug dog.

Over the years our lives have evolved and so too has our pet blog “I Love My Dog More Than My Kids”.


About Us

Kelly and Edie

About Kelly:

I am a mother of two sons and pet parent to Edie the Pug, and cats Lily and Lloyd.

Growing up I owned, trained and competed across Ontario with my horses.

Animals and animal welfare have always been my passion.






About Edie the Pug

About Us

Edie the Pug

Edie came into my life in 2010 and life as I knew it changed – for the better!

Edie the Pug can be found on all social media channels:

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram





Media Appearances:

  • Featured in a pet health promotional video for Royal Canin
  • Appeared on TV – CanadaAM, CP24 Animals House Calls, CTV
  • Top Dogs on the Red Carpet at TIFF
  • Toronto International Auto Show

Pet Health Appearances and Speaking Engagements

  • Appear at veterinarian conferences
  • Speaking engagements: veterinarian clinics and veterinarian symposiums

Achievements and Awards

  • Ambassador to Royal Canin Canada
  •  Top 5 for Community Outreach Pets+US
  • Toronto’s Top Small Dog 2016/2017
  • Certified Good Canin Neighbour by The Canadian Kennel Club

What we believe in:

Honesty in the information I share and the products I promote.

I am a strong supporter and advocate for healthy pets. I believe in regular veterinarian checkups for pets. I believe in the importance of healthy weight in pets. I speak to other pet owners at conferences and veterinarian clinics, sharing my story, struggles and success of once having a dog that was obese and is now a healthy weight.

About Us: I Love My Dog More Than My Kids

Healthy Pet Advocate

I am a supporter of the veterinarian community. I attend veterinarian and veterinarian technician conferences. I speak to groups of veterinarians and veterinarian technicians, sharing the story from “the pet owners point of view” of what it was like to be told your pet is obese.

Services Offered

Sponsored posts/Product reviews:

All sponsored posts on my blog or social media outlets will be fully disclosed. Any links within a sponsored post will be  “NoFollow” link(s).

Occasionally I offer reviews in exchange for products. Reviews in exchange for product(s) will be disclosed as “sponsored” posts.

Products received for reviews must be full size (not samples) and will not be returned.

Product(s) for reviews must be one that I would use, my pets would use, or my readers/followers would find of interest or beneficial to them. Non-sponsored products are not guarantee a review on my blog or shares across my social media outlets. If a product fits into my above noted guidelines, they will possibly receive a post to my blog, a share on my social media outlets, or combination of the two. It all depends on the product, my impression, my pet’s impression, and the belief that my readers will enjoy the product or find it useful.

Event promotions

Do you have an event that needs promoting? We’re here to assist you!

Information about your event can be shared here on my blog and across my social media outlets.

Event appearances

Interested in having Edie the Pug attend your event to help promote it? Let’s talk!

Speaking engagements

Are you a veterinarian clinic wondering how to speak to your clients about pet obesity? Let me do the talking for you! I speak about pet obesity from the pet owners view point and how you and your clients can work together to achieve the ultimate goal of a healthy weight pet!

Giving Back:

I’m a firm believer of giving back.

Know of a pet that needs a home? Are you an organization that helps pets in need? Does your organization help connect pets and people together to improve their lives?

We want to hear about it and share these stories!


What I will not promote/review on my blog

Pet food and pet treats.

I feel strongly about the products I use for my pets. When I find a product that makes a difference in my pets life I stand behind it. My dog Edie and I are Ambassadors for Royal Canin Canada. Therefore, you will not see me promoting a different pet food or pet treats on my blog. Just as I promote only pet products that my dog and cats actually use and benefit from, the same goes for the dog and cat food they eat.


Let’s talk more about how we can work together!

Connect with me!

E-Mail: Kelly@ediethepug.com

Twitter: @ediethepug

Instagram: @ediethepug

Facebook: Miss Edie the pug

Author: Kelly Harding with Edie The Pug

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