Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

There’s nothing like a cute fluffy kitten or a plump little puppy. 

What’s not to love!?

Kittens climbing up our curtains, using our furniture, and occasionally our hands and arms as scratching posts.

Puppies, everyone loves a puppy!

Sleepless nights with a whiney puppy. Puppies that don’t make it outside on time for those potty calls. Shoes, what’s a shoe without some chew marks? Furniture, just a puppy teething toy.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Lloyd is 13 and still very playful!

All joking aside, it’s easy for me to look back and laugh at that those wild and crazy kitten and puppy days, but I can’t deny there’s something special about a senior pet.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Senior pets can still be active and interested in their surroundings

My cat’s were adopted/rescued when they were wee kittens, that was 15 and 13 years ago. As cute as my cats were as kittens, who am I kidding, they are still cute! I can’t help but believe that as my cat’s age they bring something different, something extra special into our lives and our home. My cats have become calm(er), confident, content and more relaxed with age. Of course they still have playful moments dashing throughout the house, watching, plotting and planning how to get those birds and squirrels outside their window, and they are always on the search for that perfect sunspot to sunbath and cat nap in.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Lily is 15 and still has so much love to give

Yes, the majority of people when deciding to adopt or rescue a cat, or any pet for that matter, tend to gravitate towards the younger kittens and cats, puppies and dogs, but as I write this post, my 15 year old catLily jumps up and sits by my side, purring away, rubbing her face up against the side of my laptop, I say to those who are thinking about bringing a pet into your home, don’t overlook the senior pet beauties that still have so much love to give!

Do you have a senior pet story to share? We want to hear your pet’s story!

Author: Kelly Harding

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