Adoptable Pets

Pets come in all shapes, sizes, and of course species.

What usually comes to mind when we talk about pets that are available for adoption? A dog? A cat? What about a rat?

Yes, a rat, but in this case, two rats!

I truly believe all animals deserve a place they can call their own, a home where they can be loved and taken care of.

Today I introduce you to rats Xander and Zen.

Adoptable Pets

Xander and Zen


Xander and Zen are both 7 month old rats that are looking to find that someone special to spend their days and share their love with.

Adoptable Pets

Xander and Zen

Interested in adopting a rat but not quite sure what’s required? Check out this article sharing information on what you need to know about a rats daily care, what rats eat, behaviour and handling, signs of illness in your rat, even what toys and exercise your rat will need.

If you would like more information about these adoptable rats Xander and Zen, or any of the other pets waiting for adoption, please contact:

Ontario SPCA Provincial Education and Animal Centre at: 905-898-7122, ext 306




Author: Kelly Harding

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