Adoptable Rabbits of the Week -Dexter & Astro


Dexter and Astro

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Adoptable Rabbits of the Week

Adoptable Rabbits of the Week -Dexter & Astro

Dexter and Astro are incredibly soft and cuddly 3.5 months old Dutch rabbits.

Both rabbits have been neutered and can be adopted into separate homes.

Adoptable Rabbits of the Week -Dexter & Astro

Thinking of adopting a rabbit?

Here are some tips and information provided by the OSPCA to help you make an informed decision.

Rabbit Tips and Information

What do rabbits eat? Rabbits enjoy eating hay, fiber (rabbit pellets), leafy greens, as well as other vegetables and fruits.

How much attention and exercise do rabbits need? Rabbits need attention and love from their owners ❤️ They also require an average of 2 to 4 hours of out of cage exercise. Tip: Monitor your bunny at all times when removing them from their cage, as the like to dig and chew!

Personality: Rabbits have their own personality. They will bond with some rabbits and not get along with others. If two rabbits are bonded and both up for adoption, you may want to consider adopting them as a pair to keep them happy. 

Cages and Bedding: A rabbit’s cage should be large enough to fit a covered hide-away for resting, room for both food and water bowls, space for a litter box, and enough room for your rabbit to take a few hops without obstruction. The cage must not have a wired floor bottom as it can hurt the rabbit’s feet. Always include fresh hay, wood shavings, or even a blanket for bedding. Bedding should be kept clean and unsoiled at all times.

For More Information About Adopting Dexter and Astro

They are available for limited-contact adoption at:

Ontario SPCA Orillia Animal Centre

Call: (705) 325- 1304


Author: Kelly Harding

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