After They Go Home – Maggie’s Story

I have done several posts, sent many tweets and posted lots of pictures on my Facebook page of pets looking for their furever homes.

Some of those pets have been lucky enough to have found that someone special to take them in and care for them.

However, I don’t hear about their lives afterwards.  I wonder about them; are they happy, have they settled in alright, do they now have other furfriends to play with?

So I decided to find out!

I asked my friends who have found homes if they would share their stories with me. The response was so overwhelming that instead of doing one post, I will do a weekly feature telling their stories.

You will hear of how they came to their new home, struggles they may have encountered, how it changed the lives of both the pet and the humans involved.

 Week 3:

Maggie’s Story  (A.K.A. Maggie Mae Sunshine)


Maggie was adopted by Roger from the Petawawa Animal Shelter when she was only a 2 month old ball of fluff .

A young single Roger wanted a dog, despite having no clue about caring for dogs, and, he wanted a border collie and not a puppy.


Roger went to the shelter, asked if they had a border collie.  They reached under the desk, held up a ball of fluff and said “Yes”!

It was love at first sight! Roger took her for a walk and decided she was the one. She won him over!

Roger filled out the paper work, drove home with Maggie, and immediately called his then girlfriend Ruth to tell her he got a dog!

Ruth was not happy.  She knew how much work a puppy was.

According to Roger, Maggie was an angel. She didn’t bark, didn’t have any accidents, and knew commands like sit & stay.

24 hours later Roger called Ruth to say she was barking, peed in the house, ate his shoe laces, and didn’t listen to a word he said. 

She was a wild puppy!

The naughtiest little thing ever!



How could you ever be mad at her though, she was cute as a button 🙂

Maggie ate a sofa, all of Roger’s shoe laces, loved to poop in front of Roger after Ruth had visited, she jumped in the tub while Ruth was bathing, drank a large Timmy’s tea and didn’t sleep for two days!

Maggie broke through the fence to see the cats next door and made Roger chase her down the street!

And who can forget her shaking a 5 lb bag of flour through the house and jumping on Ruth with muddy paws while she was in her wedding dress!  Thank goodness the photos were already taken!



Maggie (who was originally named Bear by Roger) has been Ruth’s best friend and support while Roger was on 2 over seas tours and numerous job related missions that took Roger away from home.
“As koo koo crazy as Maggie was”, she seemed to have an old soul, gentle from day one.

Maggie shared her food and toys with other dogs, loved cats from day one, even tried to befriend skunks – that didn’t work out very well 😉

She quickly befriended a vicious German Shepard named Wilhelm and taught him how to socialize with others.

She’s always happy and never complains.

Maggie’s still naughty, but is loved like crazy by both Ruth and Roger!

Ruth and Roger love rescue pets and mutts!  Wouldn’t get a dog any other way!

Thomas, their cat, was also rescued and given to Maggie.

After all, doesn’t every dog need their own pet?


Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Loved this story. Maggie’s quite a character. You see her face & know she just couldn’t have done all those things. WRONG! Thank you for letting us get to know Maggie. Love her.

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  2. Maggie is a wonderful dog as are the people who rescued her. I’m glad to know them all. I enjoyed this story and always love hearing stories of forever loving homes

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    • I meant Ruth and Rodger are wonderful people , not dogs…

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      • Ha! That’s ok, we understood!

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  3. I love this new installment of your blog! It’s so good to hear about all of these stories! I love Maggie! She seems like a lot of fun for her owners!

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  4. As soon as I saw Maggie’s photo, I thought “That looks like Ruth and Roger’s Maggie…thank you so much for sharing xx

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    • Yes! That’s Ruth and Roger’s Maggie! I couldn’t resist including Maggie in my “After They Go Home” Series. Thank you for taking the time to read her story.

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  5. I love hearing these stories! Happy endings just make me smile, thanks for sharing them!

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