After They Go Home – Stache’s Story

I have done several posts, sent many tweets and posted lots of pictures on my Facebook page of pets looking for their furever homes.

Some of those pets have been lucky enough to have found that someone special to take them in and care for them.

However, I don’t hear about their lives afterwards.  I wonder about them; are they happy, have they settled in alright, do they now have other furfriends to play with?

So I decided to find out!

I asked my friends who have found homes if they would share their stories with me. The response was so overwhelming that instead of doing one post, I will do a weekly feature telling their stories.

You will hear of how they came to their new home, struggles they may have encountered, how it changed the lives of both the pet and the humans involved.

Week one

Stache’s Story

Stache heads up

Stache was not adopted in the traditional sense.  It was Stache that did the adopting!

He would hang out around Debbie’s home looking scared and hungry.

Since Debbie was a child, her mom always saved cats, therefore she felt she had to continue in her mothers honour, even though Debbie’s lifestyle and pocket book was saying no!

What cinched the deal was “the eyes and eyebrows” on Stache, and he was “so small and delicate” she felt sorry for him.

I asked Debbie if she faced any challenges after being adopted by Stache, her answer “Everything”!

Once winter had hit he stayed indoors more, but Stache had obviously been mistreated.  He would run and hide at the site/sound of shoes.  Everyone that visited would have to take off their shoes and sit down until Stache came around to them.  After 2 years, they can now wear shoes without Stache running away, although Debbie still treads lightly.

Then there was the Vet visit.

Stache was sickly, Debbie got him his flea medications and such, but he became really sick and didn’t eat.

An emotional Debbie went to the Vet with Stache.  First off, Stache had not been neutered, had any of his vaccinations or been de-wormed, so it was an overnight stay at the Vet’s to get Stache all “fixed up”.

Debbie picked him up the next day and Stache was doing great,  Debbie not so much after being handed a very large Vet bill.

Asked if she would do it again, Debbie was honest and told me she said to the Vet on the next visit with Stache, that had she had known at the time the initial financial costs, she may have had to make a different decision.  Her Vet was supportive and totally understood Debbie’s position.

But saying that, Debbie loves Stache unconditionally, and if she had to do it over again, the answer was “YES!!!”

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. This is such an excellent idea! Too many people only focus on the up to being adopted of an animal and then they are forever a “rescue” story and that’s it. They are introduced as: “This is my rescue animal.” and that’s basically the whole conversation. Their problems are excused because they were “rescued” and “that’s just part of who they are.” And yet, it’s what comes AFTER that is more important. The training, socializing, achievements, milestones, and improvement makes the wonderful story, not the horrendous conditions or back story of where dog came from (in our opinion). Knowing the dog’s name and that they are sweet and friendly is more important to us than knowing that they are rescued. (Don’t get us wrong, we are definitely for rescuing if people choose to do that [Kronos was adopted from a rescue], and we are also for responsible breeding (health tested & sound) if people choose to get a dog from a reputable breeder, but seeing any dog become part of a family and happy is what the rescue world is all about!).

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    • Thank you for enjoying my newest weekly article!
      The “After” is very important for any pet, whether they are rescued or obtained from a breeder.
      I’m was just so pleased to have so many willing to share their stories with me, and being honest about the struggles and challenges that came with bringing a new pet into their lives.

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  2. So glad Stache found a forever home! You should link up to the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop! It features shelter animals that need a home but your adoption stories would be great too! Please consider it. You can link up late Monday evenings or the rest of the week at

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    • It’s always a great day when a pet finds their furever home!

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