Car Rides – Seat Belts and Safety

Pet Safety in the Car


There’s nothing like a dog going for a car ride!


The excitement in their eyes, the wag of their tail, jumping up and down with excitement, the anticipation of possibly going to the park, the beach, a visit to fellow doggie friends, or maybe, just maybe, a trip to the pet store to buy a new toy! What dog could resist a ride in a car?

We see them sitting in the front passenger seat, sometimes their heads hanging out windows, trying to bite at the air.  We occasionally see them sitting on the drivers lap, or in the back of an open truck.

In my opinion, none of the above are safe, especially if you need to stop quickly, unexpectedly, or heaven forbid, get into an accident.

It’s not safe for:

The dog

Passengers in the car

Other drivers

Since Edie was a pup I’ve used a car seat for her to travel in. Some may think it’s “cute” or “funny”, or that I’m a “crazy dog lady”, but she rides in it for safety reasons. When she was younger and I had to take her back and forth to the vet for her initial boosters, I had to take her on my own, and in order for me to drive safely and know she could’t move freely around the car or under my feet I purchased a car seat, one that attaches around the back of the car seat with 2 straps and another strap around the head rest, it also has a restraint to attach to Edie’s harness.


I always thought she was safe riding this way until I watched a recent episode of CBC Marketplace – Paws for Concern.

Now the particular seat that I use for Edie is not mentioned or tested in this episode, but wow, did I have my eyes opened!

The program tested various restraints that are sold to be used by dogs in cars.

The outcome of these tests were frightening, not only to pet owners. but to parents who drive with their children and their dog in the car.

I suggest anyone who takes their dog in the car, or uses a car restraint for their dog, take a look at this video showcasing the testing of pet safety harnesses.

Author: Kelly Harding

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