Cat Training Is Possible

Is Cat Training Possible?

My cats think training is possible; actually they know for a fact it’s possible. Oh, you think I mean that I can train my cats, LOL, nope! It’s the cats that have trained me!

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Yes, you’ve read that right – how my cats have trained ME.

Two cats, Lily who recently turned 15 and Lloyd who is 12, own me and have trained me well.

Lily and Lloyd could not be any different if they tried, but the one thing these two cats have in common is they know how to train their human.

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I laugh at you – not really because if your owned by a cat then you know what I’m saying is true!

The following is just a snippet of what my cats have trained me to do.

Lets start with what Lily has tricked me; I mean trained me to do 😉

Turn on the bathroom basin tap on demand.

At the first meow from the bathroom countertop I am beckoned to turn on the basin tap. The water flow has to be the purrfect flow (see what I did there, she even has me talking cat) not to fast, not too slow – just right. Now, this does not apply to daylight hours only. The most important part of my training was to learn that once I have just crawled comfortably into bed for the evening, I will be expected to get back up to turn the tap on again so Lily can have her evening refreshment. Pulling the blankets over my heard to drown out my call to duty is in vain, because my boss(y) cat will meow until she gets her nightly refreshment.

Cat Training is Possible

That’s right! Not too fast, not to slow, just the right stream


Supplier of fresh, clean and comfy towels

Part of my training included learning to have a constant supply of fresh towels for Lily to sleep on. If I should fail in this task Lily will take it into her own paws and select the softest, warmest towel as it comes out of the dryer and climbing into the clean laundry basket.

Cat Training is Possible

Nothing like a clean comfy towel for a catnap


Maintain an acceptable lever of kibble food dish

Now this may not sound like much, but it’s Lily’s opinion that I am starving her if the exact number of kibble is not maintained within her food dish. Apparently shaking the already filled bowl to make it look like I’ve added more kibble is a big no no and will result in dirty looks.

Cat Training is Possible

I saw you just shake my food dish. Put more kibble in that bowl!


What has Lloyd cat trained me to do?

Wake up at 5:30am.

Because every cat owner knows you need to wake up at 5:30am with a cat sitting on top of you, staring into your face. And I don’t dare pretend I’m asleep, because Lloyd will MEOW loudly and directly in my face and paw me to make sure I’m alive, he will even resort to pulling the blankets off me.

Cat Training is Possible

I see you under those blankets! Wake up!


Walk around and do not disturb

I have been trained to either find a way around Lloyd, or to carefully, without disturbing him, step over him while he is sleeping stretched out across the stairs. Apparently it’s MY problem NOT his if I need to go up and down the stairs.

Cat Training - It is Possible

You think I’m moving? Walk around like you’ve been trained to do


Personal Massage Therapist

I can now add personal massage therapist to my resume. It is Lloyd’s belief that I am to be available at any time to rub his chin, scratch his head and even rub his belly whether he has an appointment or not.

Cat Training is Possible

I will take that chin rub right now thanks


Food service provider

Of course Lloyd’s number one rule is I CANNOT EVER BE LATE serving him a meal! EVER! Failure to complete this task comes with repercussions – loud constant meows, head butts, being constantly followed everywhere while being (yelled) meowed at until his meal has been served.

Cat Training is Possible

My meal is late. Can you not read a clock?


Does your cat have you trained as well?

What’s in your cat’s job description for you?

Author: Kelly Harding

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