Dog Clothing – Fashion Statement or Necessity?

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  • Am I a crazy dog lady – that’s still up for debate;)
  • Are sweaters and coats necessary for my dog’s protection?
  • Does my dog like being dressed?
  • Is dog clothing a fashion statement? 

I can answer all the above!

Do dogs need protective coats and sweaters ?

Yes. Let me explain.

My dog is a small short haired dog. She does not have the benefit that some dogs have of a naturally thick warm coat, therefore she needs to wear sweaters and dog jackets to protect her from the cold, damp, wet, snowy, autumn and winter months.

What about dog booties?

Dog booties and socks are not limited to small dogs, nor are dog booties restricted to the cold, wet, wintery months.

Dog Clothing - Fashion Statement or Necessity?

Booties or Socks, our dog’s paws need protection

Just as humans wear boots for warmth and protection, dogs also need to protect their paws and pads from the cold, ice and snow, but also from the stinging and burning that comes from salt that’s placed upon our sidewalks and roadways.

Boots protect our dogs paws and pads in the summer heat as well. If you’ve ever walked barefoot on hot pavement or the sand on the beach, you know just how painful it can be. Our dog’s paws and pads are no different and can burn just as easily, causing them excruciating pain and discomfort.

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My pug Edie has worn sweaters and jackets for her protection since she was a puppy. Edie wears dog jackets and sweaters without issue, she even lifts her paws to place them through the arms of clothing. I believe starting your dog off at a young age helps. Ensuring your dog’s sweater or jacket is the right size, fits properly and comfortably is very important. You may find your dog easily accepts some styles of clothing more than others. 

Fashion Statement?

Dog Clothing - Fashion Statement or Necessity?

There’s nothing wrong with being fashionable

Well, like I say, if you have to wear it, you might as well be fashionable! If your dog requires a sweater or jacket, why not have fun! There styles, options and colours in pet wear are unlimited, so why not embrace your inner fashionista and have fun with it!

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. That’s lucky that Edie is so accepting of clothing! When we firstly tried jackets and sweaters on Schnitzel, he used to sulk so much he wouldn’t walk, although these days he walks okay (but still sulks). We’ll have to get him some booties soon, for his first European winter.

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