Dog Days of Summer Safety – Water Safety

This is the second in a series of six weekly posts highlighting:

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Tip #2

Dog Water Safety!

Planning on going to the beach, cottage or boating with your pet this summer?

Dog Days of Summer Safety - Water Safety

Not all dogs are natural swimmers!

It’s true!

Some of us have been known to sink like a stone!

Even dogs that can swim may not be strong swimmers, they can get caught up in the current and tire easily.

Dogs can get excited on a boat, jump off and become injured when impacting the water, so it’s important to keep a PDF (life jacket, life vest) on them at all times.

Dog Days of Summer Safety - Water Safety

Wear a dog life vest/jacket

Be prepared and be safe around water with your pets.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you ever suspect injury to your pet.

And remember!

Keep your pets out of hot cars!

Do you have plans to go to the beach, cottage or boating with your dog this summer?

Does your dog wear a life jacket in and around the water?

This is a sponsored post to help bring awareness to summer safety in pets.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. I haven’t ever seen a life vest like that. It is so cute, but even more importantly, that fin would really help people to find you if fall overboard. I wish we had a trip to a lake or beach planned this summer, but so far we don’t.

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    • Good for you Mr.N!
      Miss Edie doesn’t like the waves either

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  2. Cutest shark fin ever!

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    • Do you think it makes me look fierce? BOL

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  3. The photos were adorable, Miss Edie! You made me smile as soon as I saw you!!

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  4. One of my former colleagues lived on the lake and whenever the dogs were out of the fenced in yard, they wore life vests.

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    • That’s great to hear!

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  5. ADORABLE photos. I especially love the one next to the wall mural. Great information. We live by the lake and it is concerning the amount of people that visit with their dogs and don’t take precautions for their companions.

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    • Thank you! I believe many assume that dogs are natural swimmers.

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  6. Thanks for these water safety reminders, Edie! I just love your life jacket, it’s super cute & cool, just like you! Sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv them

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    • I want to make sure all my pals stay safe!
      Do you think it would look odd if I was to wear my life jacket on my walks? I think it looks cool BOL!

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  7. Ruby absolutely HATES the water. We took her on a road trip to the ocean last year and she would not going anywhere near the water. Our former dog, Pip, loved the water and would jump right in. We always had him wear a life jacket just to be safe.

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    • It’s funny how some dogs just love it and others won’t go near it! I had a Golden Retriever that refused to go near water. When we took her to the beach, she barked at the waves!

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  8. Love all the info. Layla has a canopy for the beach so she has shade (I actually carry it everywhere for emergencies when we do adventures during the summer plus loadsssssssssssss of water

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    • What a great idea to carry a canopy around with you! And you can never have enough water to make sure our pets and parents keep cool and hydrated.

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