Dog Days of Summer Safety – Car Safety

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Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Tip #7

Car Safety


Summer is all about adventures.

Part of these adventures includes my most favourite activity – going for car rides!

Dog Days of Summer Safety - Car Safety

Car rides are my favourite!

A car ride is great fun!

There’s nothing more exciting for a dog than breathing in all those new and fantastic smells, visiting parks, meeting new people and making new friends.

But before my human puts her foot to the gas pedal, I am buckled in for safety. Yes, even dogs need to be safely restrained in cars.

A need to stop suddenly can send humans, dogs and everything else in the car flying forward resulting in tragic results.

Dog Days of Summer Safety - Car Safety

I’m a backseat driver

My mode of transportation includes a carseat that is fastened to the seat of the car, and another restraint that is attached to my harness to hold me in.

Dogs do not belong on the lap of the driver or the lap of the front seat passenger! And under no circumstances should a dog ride loose in the back of a pickup truck.

I know it looks cool when dogs hang their heads out car windows, tongues wagging as they taste the air, but the danger of objects flying into their eyes and causing damage is very real.

Car accidents take a split second to happen and as much as we’d like to think we could grab our dog and hold them tight, chances are this will not be the case.

Find a dog restraint that is suitable, tested and safe for your dog and their size.

And above all – lets have a safe, fun and an adventurous summer!

Does your dog like going for car ride?

What kind of seatbelt or restraint does you dog use when in the car?


This is a sponsored post to help bring awareness to summer safety in pets.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. That’s a great looking car seat! I can see how sturdy & effective it would be especially since it’s attached to the seat. I cringe when I see dogs hanging their precious little heads out of car windows. Enjoy all your fun & safe Summer adventures!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  2. I am hoping to get some new restraints for my dogs. I was disappointed to learn that the ones I have aren’t rigorously tested and may not be keep them safe in a car crash. However, they do keep my dogs in place when I’m driving reducing the chances of them causing an accident.

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  3. My girls love going for rides in the Jeep! We don’t use seatbelts for them though. We have a barrier , a soft one, so they cant’ get in the front seat on long trips. I think our next Jeep we will have special hooks installed so we can use seatbelts for them.

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    • It’s so very important for everyone in the car.

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    • Edie has been using a car seat since she was a puppy. She seems to feel more secure and comfortable in it. I like the fact it attaches to the seat – two straps around the back and one strap behind the headrest, and has a clip that attaches to her harness inside the seat.

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  4. Great article, I do not drive but use public transport but even then I make sure we are prepared for the heat

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  5. OMG you look crazy adorable in your carseat!! Haha!! I love it! Well, my dogs are too big to fit in a carseat, but they are safe in the back!!

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  6. So important as people do not realize that their dog could fly forward with a sudden stop or actually be decapitated if they have their head out the window. I know 2 cases personally of dogs dying in car accidents because either restraints failed or were not in place. So tragic. I like the look of that car seat. Kilo the Pug uses a harness attachment.

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    • It is not only a safety issue for the dog but for the people in the car! A dog can fly forward hitting driver and/or passengers with tragic results.

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  7. An informative and also lovely post about taking your dog out and about safely with you. My Yorkshire Terrier, Elsie loves going in the car but we always make sure she’s got her harness on (around her body) that is attached to the clip in dog seat belt and that she is safe and sound in the back of the car. Happy day trips out.

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    • Thank you! And I hope Elsie enjoys many happy and safe car rides.

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  8. Great post! I sometimes cringe when I see how far some people let their dogs hang out the window.

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    • It only takes a second to have to slam on the breaks and the results of that dog that is hanging out the window will not be a good one.

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