Dogs & Underdogs

Dogs & Underdogs

Finding Happiness At Both Ends Of The Leash


Elizabeth Abbott

Reading this book I had to keep reminding myself that it was not fiction, but reality. As an animal lover and pet parent it took me on a roller coaster of emotions.

Elizabeth Abbott had me glued to this book from the start as she tries to reunite with her beloved dog Tommy who had to be left behind in Haiti, back with her in Toronto. Any pet owner/lover will empathize with her passion, commitment and dedication.


My teary eyes and broken heart read about the abuse and abandonment some of these dogs went through. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to avoid movies, TV shows and books that has any indication that an animal will be hurt or worse, but this book is truly an inspiration, teaching us what can be achieved with the help of people like Elizabeth and the dedication and hard work, very hard work, of the people she meets along the way.

Each chapter of this book gives you a deeper insight as to how dogs not only effect our lives, but how we can and do effect the lives of these dogs. From inside a prison, where both dog and inmate are brought together, technically saving each other, to the patient rooms and hallways of a Toronto hospital, all the way to post-war Serbia.

Elizabeth teaches us that no matter age, or physically challenges, these dogs are strong and have a place in this world, whether it be as a pampered pet inside someones home or as a proud therapy dog. Each dog has something to teach us and they all have a place in our hearts.

Pet owner or not, I can’t recommend Dogs & Underdogs enough. The stories and people in them are truly inspirational. I will never look at a rescued dog the same. Because of Elizabeth and her book, I will always wonder where this dog came from, what did it go through to get here, and could it have had any contact with Elizabeth or the vast network of the dedicated people she has met along her way.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. In exchange for my review, I have received this book from Penguin Canada Books.

Author: Kelly Harding

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