Don’t Leave Me!

Can medication effect my dogs personality?

What makes a dog suddenly cling to you like a child not wanting to be left by their mother?

A dog that only a couple of weeks previously had no issues going to their bed or being left alone now makes a fuss, whines, screeches as if they were being attacked by crazed cats who’s nails have never been trimmed.

Could my dog suddenly be experiencing separation anxiety at 4 years of age?


Initially I thought Edie was becoming accustomed to having someone at home, but “something” still didn’t seem “right”

So I backtracked, what was different, what had change?

A few weeks prior to this change of personality, Edie had been to the Vet for a cyst that had developed between her toes on her front paw.  Simple enough I thought.  Edie had been prescribed an antibiotic and a gel to be applied to her paw.  Giving Edie oral medication has never been an issue, she will come running at the sound of the bottle being opened, it may have something to do with getting it wrapped in peanut butter 😉

Edie wasn’t thrilled, but put up with having the gel placed between her toes twice a day.

Could this change in Edie have something to do with the cyst on her paw, was she in pain and this was her way of telling me “she was not well”, even though her paw was getting better?

Was it the antibiotic she had been on, even though she had never been effected by them previously?

What about the gel being applied to her paw?

Inside the box the gel came in, was a paper, just like the one you get from your pharmacist when you get a prescription for yourself, explaining what the medication is for, interactions with other medication, how to administer the drug and of course “Warnings and Side Effects”.

I pulled this information out again and had another look, and there it was under Adverse Effects:

Following cessation of treatment, symptoms of adrenal insufficiency can arise and this may render the animal 

“unable to deal adequately with stressful situations”

So could this be the explanation I have been looking for?

Edie was not suddenly having separation anxiety, but it was a side effect from the medication she had been on?

Edie’s version of a “stressful situation” was one of being left alone.

What seemed like an issue that had started so quickly and out of character for Edie is now no longer an issue.

Approximately 10 days after Edie finished the treatment of gel, she was back to her old self – happily going to her bed without fuss, content to be on her own.


Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. What a strange side effect!! I have never heard of something affecting the dog’s personality like that! I’m so glad she’s back to normal 🙂

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    • It was truly odd. You always think about side effects being a physical one, never did I think it could effect a dog psychologically. Definitely something to keep an eye out for in the future!

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  2. Oh, Edie! I’m so happy you’re back to your old self! Adverse effects from meds, whether in people or fur children is not fun., especially when kids/furchildren can’t tell us what they are feeling.

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    • Yes it was difficult for me and my humom. Difficult for me because I couldn’t explain why I was so upset and hard on my humom because her was worried that it was so out of character for me to act this way. The good thing is I am all better and now we know what caused it.

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  3. Glad Edie is back to herself! What an unusual side affect, and the strangest thing is that it’s after you stop using it. Think from now forward, I’ll read that information a bit more carefully. Thanks for sharing Edie’s story!

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    • The effects of the medication started while on the medication and continued for a time after finishing it. I can only assume it took time for it to get out of Edie’s system. I’m just happy she is back to her usual confident self and that I was able to “connect the dots” as to why she acted the way she did.

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