Earth Day 2015

My contribution to Earth Day

Assisting and supervising the humans in the garden to make it a better place for pugs, birds and yes, even the squirrels 🙂


Counting the bags of soil


Planting new trees for the birds to enjoy


Removing the old shrubs


Finding places for the gnomes in the garden


Assisting with ALL this new top soil


Can’t let the humans to forget there’s more bags for the garden


After all that hard work, a pug needs a nap

Author: Kelly Harding

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    • Those squirrels never let me forget them! Always teasing me while they sit and chatter high up in the trees above me.

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  1. That is hard work, getting the yard and garden ready in the spring. There’s nothing like an afternoon nap afterwards! Cute pics. 🙂

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    • I really do enjoy my garden. It’s a great place for me to run around, watch the birds and chase the squirrels, but there is nothing better than laying on my char in the sun and having a pug nap 🙂

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  2. Don’t ever underestimate placing the gnomes just so. That’s a big job, and an important one.

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    • I have to be honest. Those gnomes kinda scare me 😉

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  3. Sounds like a difficult task but somebody’s gotta do it.

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