Edie and Edna’s Social Distancing Diary Update

Edie and Edna’s Social Distancing Diary Update for April 6, 2020

Or, more like, “What we’ve been up to to keep our pugselves busy and out of (most) trouble.”

We can finally see land!

Edie and Edna’s Social Distancing Diary Update for April 6, 2020

I almost forgot what grass felt like!

If you can believe it, there was snow right up until a few days ago. And yes, there is still the odd patch of snow hanging on, kinda like a pug holding on to a cookie – they will never let go! 😉

This marks our first Spring in the country for us pugs. And after what seemed like a long and VERY cold winter, we were anxious to get outside, feel the warmth of the sun, and explore the property around us.

We are very fortunate to be able to safely go outside while keeping our social distance, exercise, listen to the birds sing, and smell the fresh Spring air. Because these days, it’s all about #SocialDistancing #StayingatHome and #StayingSafe!

Rock Climbing Pugs

The ground around our property is still a little mushy under our paws, so we headed for higher ground and went rock climbing. Ok, ok, maybe our Humom gave us a little boost to get up there, but if given the chance, we could have easily and totally jumped up there!

Edie and Edna’s Social Distancing Diary Update for April 6, 2020

We will be rock climbing experts in no time!

Listening to the Birds Sing

After all our exploring, Edna and I took a break to enjoy the sun and listen to the birdies sing – make sure to turn up your volume! We know where we’re going to be hanging out, writing our pug blog posts, and enjoying bbq’s come the warmer summer months.

We Did NOT Sign Up for This!

Even the most pugtastic adventures can have a bit of a downfall 🙁

Apparently, walking through the mushy grounds got us a bit dirty, and if you can believe it, a tad stinky. As far as I was concerned, I smelled just fine. – Edna on the other paw 😉  But Humom thought VERY differently. 

So this happened……..


Thanks for sharing in on our week and until our next pug adventure, #StaySafe and #StayatHome

Pugs and Kisses,

Miss Edie and Edna the Pugs

Author: Kelly Harding

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