Edie’s Adoptable Pet of the Week for Ontario SPCA




Patty is a 7 year old Chocolate Lab who came to the Ontario SPCA through an investigation in July 2014.

Unfortunately for Patty, she has not always looked like she does in this picture above.

Patty was found to be emaciated to the point of muscle wasting and breakdown. Her skin infection left her with little to no hair on her body and her various allergies made her extremely itchy, exasperating her treatment and care.


A rigorous treatment plan was developed and Patty has been slowly recovering over the past year, in the care of the Provincial Education & Animal Centre (PEAC) and is now well enough to be adopted.

The cost of her rehabilitation and ongoing care has cost PEAC close to $10,000 and will continue to increase while she remains with us. She will need to continue to see a specialist to ensure that her internal organs are handling the medication well and that her stress levels and allergies are not causing her condition to flare up. However, both the veterinarians and the amazing team at PEAC are hopeful that Patty will be able to continue her recovery in a new forever home.

The OSPCA Provincial Education and Animal Centre is happy to say:

Patty has improved greatly and is now ready for adoption!


You can read more about Patty’s story here or go to the OSPCA Provincial Education and Animal Centre.

Author: Kelly Harding

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    • Thank you Talent Hounds. I think it’s very important to help out fellow furfriends in the hopes they can find their forever home.

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