Interviews from Edie’s Pug House – Minnie and Max

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Interviews from Edie’s Pug House

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The Most Recognized Celebrity Head Tilting Pug Siblings!

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Minnie and Max

Minnie and Max

Minnie and Max the Pugs!

I’m very honoured, and to be honest, a little awestruck to be given this opportunity to interview Minnie and Max the head tilting pugs. In the “Pug world” Minnie and Max are “Stars”.

I have so many questions for this pug sibling duo, but where do I start?

1) Minnie and Max, maybe you could start by introducing yourselves, tell us where you live, how old you are, when is your birthday(s)?

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Minnie and Max

Happy 10th Birthday Minnie and Max!

We live in Menlo Park, California near Stanford University. We just turned 10 years old on December 26th!


2) Minnie and Max, you are siblings, but do you have any other fursisters or furbrothers? What about Louis the Sock Thief, is he any relation? 

We actually have a brother that lives nearby.  His name is Spud! We run into him around town now and then.  Louis is a really good friend we met at the dog park. Although we’re not related, we hang out a lot and our humans are good friends.  He lived in Austin, TX and France! He likes socks!


3) Minnie and Max you are both well known for your pawsome “Pug Head Tilt”, you’ve even been featured on The Tonight Show, Ellen, Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America, and Animal Planet – just to name a few! But tell us, did your head tilting come naturally to you both? Were you born tilting your heads? Maybe, like some of us pugs, there is a special word or noise, or possibly the offer of a treat that gets those pug heads tilting.

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Minnie and Max

Minnie and Max

We are natural born head-tilters. We respond to the tone of a question but also to keywords.  Our favorite words are “treat,” “beach,” “ride,” “Pug Saturday,” “Grandma” and any of the names of our good friends, pug or human.


4) Sunday morning stair races, what’s that all about?! And lets be honest, which one has the most wins to the bottom of the stairs?


Ha!  We filmed it once on Instagram because Minnie likes to give Max a hard time down the stairs.  (This is our morning back yard outing and we’re excited because we know breakfast will be waiting for us when we go back in.)  People loved it and would request it if we didn’t show it every Sunday.  It’s become a tradition! (Minnie ALWAYS wins.) 


5) I love your action shots of running and catching balls on the beach! Do you consider yourselves “beach bum pugs”?

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Minnie and Max

Max and Minnie love the beach!

Thank you! Yes, we do! Carmel Beach is our favorite place in the world! It’s the perfect dog beach.  Max is totally obsessed with his little orange ball.  Minnie likes to just harass Max when he’s chasing it.  Our human loves trying to capture the action!


6) As a fellow pug I know how much we believe the world and our humans revolve around us, but you two understand that not all pugs are as fortunate as us and you help others by supporting animal rescue organizations. Can you tell us a bit about these organizations and how you help and promote them.

Yes.  We know we are very lucky and not all dogs have it so good. When our videos became popular on YouTube we started adding “Support Pug Rescue” to them.  We’ve gotten to know so many great organizations and their people over the years. You will not find a group of more dedicated and selfless individuals.  We need a combination of responsible breeders, responsible pet-owners, and well-supported rescue organizations.  Being in the public eye, we see the publicity and awareness of this as our role.


7) Minnie this question is for you, tell us something about Max that no one knows – we can keep a secret.

Max sucks on his “Lamby” at night.  Did I tell you he was 10?!


8) Max same question for you, tell us something about Minnie that no one knows – we can keep a secret.

Minnie’s tongue sticks out more the more tired she is. She really looks funny, sometimes!     


9) You both travel a lot, is there one place you haven’t visited yet but would like too (maybe Canada to visit a certain pug conducting this interview.)

We have been a lot of great places and we love road trips! We will even fly if we have to. We’d love to do a Southwest trip…maybe Arizona and on through to Texas?  When is Spring Training? (We love Giants baseball.) We have been to Vancouver, Canada!  Does that count?


10) Lightening round!

Dog bed or human bed?

Dog bed (mostly.)

Favourite toy?

Lamby for Max. (Minnie thinks toys are silly.)

Favourite human?


Can’t live without?

The Beach!

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Minnie and Max

Minnie and Max “‘beach bum” Pugs!

A big pug thank you to Minnie and Max for taking time out of their very busy schedule to join me on this episode of Interviews from Edie’s Pug House!

If you would like to see more of Minnie and Max’s adventures, you can follow them on Twitter @MinnieMaxPugs on Facebook @pugheadtilt and Instagram @minniemaxpugs 

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Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. I had no idea! I never knew. About this head tiltin’ thing, I mean. Well I knew what head tiltin’ was, I just didn’t know it was like a… Like a “thing,” you know? But gosh darn it, IS IT EVER CUTE! I wonder if I can learn how to tilt my head like that and look super cute, too. PURRS.

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  2. A pug puppy named Meatball is in Gusto’s conformation class. This week he actually walked in the ring. Last week, he was frozen to the mat with indecision. We think he will win just based on his cute little waddle. 🙂

    Post a Reply
    • Oh I would love to see Meatball! I’m sure he will get over his stage fright soon 🙂

      Post a Reply
  3. Love the head tilting pugs! It’s great that they are helping to support pug rescues.

    Post a Reply
  4. These two are SO incredibly adorable!!! Love that head tilt. I also love that they promote pug rescue and helping other dogs who are less fortunate. Thanks so much for introducing us to them.

    Post a Reply
  5. Those tilting heads are adorable. Not being a dog blogger, I didn’t know who they were. Thank you for introducing them to us.

    Post a Reply
    • You don’t have to be a dog blogger to know Minnie and Max! You can find them everywhere on social media!

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  6. Wow Minnie and Max you both are adorable. I’m surprised I haven’t seen or heard of you both before. Happy belated 10th birthday!

    Post a Reply
    • Head tilts – it’s a pug thing 😉

      Post a Reply
  7. You guys look fabulously happy. I’m glad you’re enjoying your lives. Granny was my favorite person of them all too.

    Post a Reply
    • Grandmas seem to be a favourite among pugs!

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  8. Awwwwwwww what an adorable interview and thank you for introducing me to them. I loved the video of them running down the stairs LOL.

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    • They have perfected the stair run races!

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  9. Beach bum pugs made me giggle. I love the photos of them running on the beach! How cool that you were able to get this celebrity pug interview.

    I love head tilts. Our current dog doesn’t tilt her head much, but our former dog tilted his head all the time – we just had to look at him and he would tilt his head!

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  10. Aww, what a cute pair of pug siblings. They like to travel AND play on the beach? I think we need to be friends.

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    • Everyone wants to be friends with Minnie and Max!

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  11. Aww, Max and Minnie are adorable! Their video is too cute, and the the beach shots are fantastic! What special pugs these two are.

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    • I love seeing their action pics on the beach!

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  12. These two are just brilliant. What a pair of stars they are!! I saw a lady with two pugs in Petone once – it took all my self control not to pick them up and run away!!

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  13. I love Minnie and Max, and I really liked learning more about them. I think it is so cute that Max loves Lamby so much.

    Post a Reply
    • Minnie and Max are the sweetest!

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