Embracing The Country Life

Embracing The Country Life

Weather, Bugs, Turkeys, And Everything In Between!

It’s coming up to 5 months since jumping feet first, in mid-January I might add, to move to the country. Each and every day is a new adventure and learning experience. Top of the list, everything we do, or not do, revolves around the weather. 

Everything Revolves Around The Weather!

Try as we might to control things, weather is not one of them. We’ve come to learn that everything we do, or not do, revolves around the weather.

Snow Capped Trees, SubZero Temps, and Frozen Dogs

Embracing The Country Life

Snow capped trees

Winter was an eye opener, especially for the pugs! As beautiful and scenic as snow capped trees are, taking dogs outside in subzero temperatures made me anxious. And NO amount of pleading and begging would make Edie and Edna understand that this it is NOT the time to sniff around for the perfect potty spot!

I was becoming doubtful the snow would ever melt. But soon enough, the temperatures began to rise, the sun started shining longer each day, and displays of flowers began bursting through the hardened grounds.

Embracing The Country Life

Beauty pops up in unexpected places

Having spent enough time indoors, I was anxious to spend my days outside, working in the garden, planting vegetables, and long walks with the dogs around the property. But I had been warned – there was another season to be expected – black-fly and mosquito season. But really, just how bad could it be? Just how long could they last? LOL!

Black-fly and Mosquito Season – The 5th Season

Turns out there are more than 4 seasons in the country. This 5th season, and hopefully there are no others I haven’t anticipated, is called “forget spending anytime outdoors because you will be eaten alive by black flies and mosquito season”.

Mosquitoes don’t care if you’re human or dog. We all suffered. No amount of mosquito repellant plants, sprays or coils would keep those annoying, buzzing, biting, stinging, bugs that leave welts all over your body, away.

Embracing The Country Life

Thank goodness for screened in gazebos

I felt for my dogs Edie and Edna. They too were looking forward to getting outside and running around after such a long winter. But it was not to be, not just yet. Each time they stepped outside and onto the grass they were surrounded by mosquitoes – just one more important reason to have our pets on preventative medications to prevent diseases transmitted by mosquitos!  So instead, they got to hang out in the enclosed gazebo. Now I understand why screened in gazebos are popular here!


Every Thing is BIGGER In The Country

Living in the city, wildlife consisted mostly of squirrels, chipmunks, the odd stinky skunk, and those pesky racoons that tipped over recycling and garbage bins.

We still have squirrels, but I swear they are as big as Edie and Edna!  Chipmunks are aplenty and are very entertaining. I’m thankful we haven’t encountered any skunks, and raccoons have been replaced with garbage bag ripping crows.

Wild Turkeys Display Their Beauty 

Wild turkeys strut across our property with tail feathers fanned out in a display of beauty. I can only assume this is to impress the lady turkeys.

It was deer I was stoked to see. Twice we’ve been visited by a pair of deer. And no matter how hard I try, no matter how quiet I am, I can’t get an up-close photo because they flee the moment I step outside.

Birds On Every Corner Of The House

On each corner of the house, robins and doves have taken up residence to lay their eggs. It’s truly amazing to watch the process the birds take from building their nest, laying their eggs, to the day the baby robins lift their heads outstretched, mouths wide open, waiting for their next meal.

Not all birds are cute! There are intimidating birds with enormous wingspans that hover over our fields. Searching for what I can only assume is their next meal. I was, and am still concerned for my dog’s Edie and Edna’s safety with these big winged birds. But I’ve been told these are turkey vultures and are not out to bother the dogs. Mind you, I’m still considering getting each dog one of those jackets with spikes on them.  At least they’ll look cool 😉

Night Skies – Nature’s Masterpiece 

Nothing compares to the stars and moon on a clear night in the country. Nothing. It’s natures masterpiece. I just wish I could get a photo that translates how magnificent it really is.

Summer In The Country

Embracing The Country Life

Office views like this, make working a pleasure

We are entering the summer phase of life in the country and I couldn’t ask for a more stunning new office view. I’m certain even in summer, we will come up against challenges not yet anticipated. But no matter what those challenges may be, we are embracing and loving every minute of our new country life.

Author: Kelly Harding

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