Emotional Pug Humom

I have had many animals in my lifetime; dogs, cats, hamsters, and yes, even horses.

I could never imagine my life without an animal in it.

As much as they give me joy, laughter, companionship, they also give me sorrow, scare me, make me worry.

How is that?

Why is that?

Call me over sensitive, a worry wart, too emotional, a blubbering fool.  When it comes to my pets and their health, my heart drops whenever they are ill or injured. I will do everything I can to assist them, take care of them, make them feel better. Unfortunately, that also means sometimes having to make choices that no pet parent wants to make.

There is nothing worse then having an ill or injured pet that for one, can’t tell you what’s wrong, show you exactly where it hurts, what they ate to make them sick or what they did to injure themselves.

Recently Edie started limping,  I thought ok, lets look at this reasonably and calmly. We have large pine trees in out back yard and the needles that drop off them are very sharp!  I’ve seen her get poked by them, causing her to do a little jump. My first plan of action was to look at her paw, check for cuts, something in her paw pads, maybe even see if they were cracked – but no – nothing.  Then I felt her leg up and down, expecting to get some reaction from her, but again nothing.

When Edie would rest the limp was not noticeable, so I thought maybe it’s a strain and rest was what she needed.

We were outside enjoying our garden when Edie decided to do what I call “zoomies”, a sudden burst of energy, tail tucked in, whipping around in circles, having a good old run-a-round.

Then it happened.  Edie, stopped suddenly, wouldn’t move, paw held up off the ground, my heart sank.

Within the hour we were off to see our Vet.  On our drive over the things going through my mind were numerous, second guessing myself; should I have taken her sooner, did she actually break her paw, thinking about what it would be like to care for a dog in a splint, I had other thoughts too, but I don’t want to even go there!


Waiting for the Vet to check me out

Thank goodness Edie is small so I could carry her into the Vet and keep her off her paw. But of course, Edie being Edie, she was still very happy to see everyone and be made a fuss over, whether she was sore or not.

It turned out after being examined, that it was not her paw that was sore or injured, but her shoulder.  The Vet figured Edie has somehow pulled her shoulder on one of her “zoomies” or chasing a squirrel, or jumping, or heaven knows what.

The worries and thoughts that went through my mind on the drive over were put at ease, Edie would not require any major assistance to heal other than some anti-inflammatories and a full week of complete rest. There would be no walks, no zoomies.  Backyard visits to go potty where to be on-leash only, then after the week, slowly building up to short walks until her shoulder has healed.


Resting and feeling sorry for herself

For the next week or so I am Edie’s slave, carrying her up and down stairs, watching that she doesn’t jump up or down on her beloved chair, waiting patiently in the garden with her on leash while she sniffs, circles, changes her mind about that spot, sniffs again, circles again, then finally making the decision that the first spot was actually the one that was best to go potty on.

Would I have it any other way?



For what I get in return from her, it’s no sacrifice at all to wait for her to find that perfect spot to pee.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Pug has pulled his shoulder a few times too. Usually from jumping on and off the bed. I try to set him down, but sometimes he’s in such a hurry to make sure I don’t leave without him he leaps before I can grab him.

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    • Edie doesn’t go on our bed, but she does like to sit on chairs and couches with us. As much as we try to assist her jumping up and down, she can be too quick for us as well, especially if she see’s a dog or cat on the TV!

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  2. I love that you adore and care for Edie so much! There’s nothing wrong for having this kind of love for Edie. You’re her humom! It’s what you do!

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  3. You’re not a worry wort, you’re not a wingnut, you’re what the world needs more of.

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    • Awww, Jezebel xxxx
      Thanks for understanding and the compliment.

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  4. It is so upsetting when these things happen to our furbabes. The Beast is happy to hear that Edie is going to be OK and just needs a little R&R.


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    • Thanks to you and the “Beast” for caring and understanding.

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  5. Wishing Edie a quick recovery!! I can totally relate 🙁 I hate when my dogs are sick or injured 🙁 I agree 100% – what we get in return from our pets is well worth the effort we put in to making them well again. Hugs to you both!

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    • Thanks for the well wishes!
      It will take some time and patience to get Edie to rest so she can heal, but like you say, “It’s week worth the effort”

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  6. I am the same way, and I don’t think it’s over reacting at all. As you say they can’t tell us anything so it’s up to us to figure it all out. That can so stressful and fearful. I think too that they are so blessed to have humoms like us who love them so much!

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    • I think not knowing what is exactly wrong with them at the time of their sickness or injury is what makes it worse.
      Your – or at least my mind – tends to go all over the place thinking the worst.

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  7. I am an emotional mess when it comes to my dog – or any dog, really! I hate seeing an animal in pain, and I often break down. I even tried to work in a vet clinic, and I hit the floor in a faint as soon as I had to draw a dog’s blood. Thankfully, my husband is pretty level-headed when it comes to that stuff, so he always takes over when I inevitably start crying. 🙂 Great post – so glad Edie is okay!

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  8. Totally understand how you feel. They are well worth all of it in my opinion xx

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    • Well worth it indeed!

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  9. So relieved Edie is ok! Poor Humom it must have been very scary

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    • It doesn’t take much for Humom to panic. Whether it be with us pets or the humans in the family.

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  10. Aren’t you an awesome pet mommy!! I can totally relate – I’d do anything for my pack!!

    I always try to stay as calm & resonable as possible whenever something happens to my pups, as they will pick up on my energy, and the last thing they need when being hurt is emotional instability.

    I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to stay calm! But it’s doable 🙂 Like that time when my girl Missy developed a bad case of hives over the weekend (Thank you, Benadryl!! Cured her 100%), and my husband was out of town, so I had to figure everything out alone. Did it though!!

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    • I’m happy you were able to figure it out and Missy got better.

      We just need to breath and stay calm 🙂

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      • Exactly! I am looking into meditation, which should help me achieve a calm state of mind 🙂

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  11. I know you want have it any other way, but I am sending you, the humom loads of patience during this time.

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    • Thank you Catherine. From me and my humom xx

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