Even A Dog Gets The Winter Blues

It’s the end of January 2014 and I’ve never wished for summer more.

It has been a long, hard winter for this Pug and my family.

Things seemed to be going well until mid-November.

As silly as it sounds, it started going downhill when my humom starting doing the Christmas baking. Don’t get me wrong, she is a very good baker and everyone loves her treats, but for whatever reason, no matter what recipe she made, they just never came out as well as they have in the past.  Maybe this was an indication of things to come.

My daily walks and outings had been cut down due to snow storms, ice storms and/or cold weather alerts.

Then came December and the power outages! OMD, I didn’t know how I was going to survive!

We went without power for 4 days.  My house became so cold that my humans wrapped me in blankets to keep me from becoming a pugscicle!


I had to run outside, layered in sweaters, as fast as I could to do my “business.

Image 1

During the power outage, we used flashlights to keep the boogiedog away at night!  To stay amused we played Cat in the Hat Monopoly – I know, I know, Cat Monopoly, but extreme times call for extreme measures!  Mind you, I did show that cat of mine that just because I’m a pug, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t beat him at his own game!


We even lost the Christmas turkey.  The big box in the kitchen that holds all the food had no power.  Can you imagine?  I had no scraps, there were no droppings from the dinner table, no leftover turkey for this pug 🙁

Once our power came back on, the best thing that happened for me was my Nana and Uncle came to stay with us while waiting for their power to return.  It was fantastic, like Santapaws didn’t forget me, my Nana was with me all the time,  I was so excited to see her when I woke up in the morning and have her all to myself.  I really couldn’t understand what the fuss was about now.  If having no power meant having my Nana stay with me, then it was well worth it!


Slowly my life seemed to be getting back on track, even though the weather was still terrible, I got to go to the local pet store and have walk arounds to get some exercise, occasionally I would even get a surprise treat while I was there.  Yes, everything was returning to normal, that was until this morning.


While I was outside doing my “business” I decided to venture down a hill in my garden.  I started to panic.  I cried for my humom.  I didn’t realize under the thin layer of snow that it was icy and I couldn’t get back up the hill.  Then I saw her. My humom came to my rescue!  Down the hill she carefully came and picked me up in her arms, but we still weren’t out of danger yet.  How to get back up was our next problem.  Humom tucked me under her arm like a football, grabbed the fence and trees and pulled us up to safety!  My hero!  I made promises not to go back down there again, at least not until summer 😉



This is one pug who has had more than enough winter to last a life time!  Mind you when it’s summer and the temperatures are hitting the high 30’s and it’s too humid for me to go out because it’s not good for a pug’s respiratory system, I won’t complain, because all I’ll have to do is read this article and remember how bad it can be.




Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Found you through the newbies forum of blogpaws! hilarious website! I just wrote about something that really matches up to your whole theme on Thoughtless Thursday. Come link up sometimes and share your stories and randomness with the gang!

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    • Hi and thank you for taking a look at my site! Looking forward to linking up and sharing!

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