Feline Environmental Enrichment – The Talk Show

Apparently there is much more to cats than topping up their food dish and tossing them a catnip mouse so they can amuse themselves.



I was invited by Royal Canin Canada to attend a taping of :

Feline Environmental Enrichment

The Talk Show

at the CBC studios in Toronto


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The Feline Environmental Enrichment program will soon be available for all to listen to and learn about these somewhat independent creatures 😉

The panel consisted of 3 prominent Veterinary specialists:

Dr. Gary Landsberg


Dr. Gary Landsberg

“Stressed out: The effects of stress on health and behaviour”

Since graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1976,

Dr. Landsberg, who offers behaviour consultation services for owners of pets with behaviour problems at the North Toronto Veterinary Behaviour Specialty Clinic in Thornhill, has earned an enviable reputation as one of Canada’s leading animal behaviourists.


Dr. Liz O’Brien

Dr. Liz O'Brien

Dr. Liz O’Brien

“Enriching their lives”

Born and raised in Hamilton, Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien, DVM, Diplomate American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (feline practice) has been the owner of Village Cat Clinic since January 2008.


Dr. Doreen Houston

Dr. Doreen Houston

Dr. Doreen Houston

“Peeing is a good thing”

Following her graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College, in 1980,

Dr. Houston, spent four wonderful years in private practice before returning to the OVC for further education (internship, residency and DVSc in internal medicine).


Topics discussed ranged from:

The importance of regular Veterinary check ups for your cat, even if they are an indoor cat.

How stress can affect cats’ health and behaviour.

Why “peeing is a good thing”.

How many litter boxes are enough?

Why cats prefer a large water/feed dish? (hint – it has to do with their whiskers).

Ways to enrich the lives of our feline friends – buying your cat toys and giving it to them is not enough – get involved, get active with your cat!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a difference in your cats’ life.

One of my personal favourites, one that I incorporated immediately into my cats’ life, was to feed him his dry food out of an egg carton!  (I will be following up in a future blog as to the challenges and victories of doing this).


Be sure to stay tuned here, and on my twitter account @ediethepug for the announcement of when Royal Canin Canada’s Feline Environmental Enrichment Program will be available for all to hear.

Disclaimer:  I have received Royal Canin brand dog and cat food in exchange for posting about Royal Canin on this blog.

Author: Kelly Harding

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