GREEN Mini Interactive Dog Feeder

GREEN Mini Interactive Dog Feeder



Does your dog “wolf” down their food?

Does your dog or puppy eat as if it’s their last meal ever?

Is your dog still acting hungry after they’ve eaten?

Gulping or “wolfing” down food can lead to negative effects on a dog.

  • Choking
  • Vomiting soon after eating
  • Continue to beg for more food because they don’t feel full
  • Large-breed, deep chested dogs that eat too quickly can be at risk of potentially fatal “bloat”

The GREEN Interactive Feeder by NorthMate is brought to you by The Company of Animals, founded by pet psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford and is available on

My first concern was would Edie, being a flat nosed breed, easily be able to eat from the GREEN mini feeder with its various level of grass like tufts?


All concerns were quickly put to rest the minute she tried the GREEN mini feeder!

The GREEN mini feeder was easy to use; just spread your dogs food between the tuft-like grass and watch them go!



The GREEN mini feeder significantly slowed down Edie’s eating time and she had no issue as far as getting the food out of the feeder. Edie seemed to enjoy the idea of eating out of the GREEN mini feeder, it was almost as if she viewed it as game and her rewarded was her meal.

The GREEN Feeder for dogs comes in 2 sizes: the Original GREEN and the GREEN Mini for puppies and small breed dogs.

The GREEN Feeder is made of a durable, phthalates-free plastic and has rubberized feet, keeping it in place while your dog is eating. And of course, a bonus for any pet owner is it is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.


Disclaimer: Views and opinions of the Green Mini Feeder are based on my experience with the product and how my dog interacted and was able to use it. I have received product in exchange for my review, but it has not influenced my opinion of this product.



Author: Kelly Harding

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