Halloween Safety Guide with Dr. R. Llera

Halloween Safety Guide for Your Pets

The leaves are changing, the air is colder, and this was never more apparent then when I stepped off the plane after a trip to Florida last week.

It’s good to be back home in Kingston, and now it’s time to get your pets ready for the next few months.

Some of these things may seem like common sense but it’s always good for a refresher.

Halloween is this week!


The dangers of chocolate have been well known for awhile, but what about some other things that could end up in the treat bag?


Gums or any other candy containing xylitol can be fatal as well. Once digested it can cause liver failure and low blood sugar causing seizures. They will need to be decontaminated ASAP and while the smell of spearmint laden vomit is not horrid, we’d rather your pet not take the chance.

penny toxicity

When I was a kid, occasionally somebody would throw some money in the bag…just spare change, really not enough for a 12 year old to retire on.

If there happened to be any American pennies after 1982 or Canadian pennies from 1997-1999, they too can be poisonous to your dog. We might see some of these in Canada due to proximity.

Aside from obstruction, the body will actually start to eat away at the coin and the zinc in the coins will cause anemia.

Dressing your pet up?

Sure why not!?

Lots of people enjoy dressing the pets up along with the kids because let’s face it, they’re really cute.


My only caution:

Check for loose strings that cats may swallow or pieces not secure that could also be eaten.

Got a black cat?

black cat

I previously discussed black cats on a Friday the 13th and the origins of people’s fears dating back to witchcraft.

The same rules apply because people & kids can be mean and may harm black cats due to ignorance.

It’s best to keep them indoors during Halloween.

Stay safe and check back next time with Miss Edie the Pug and I for some winter time pet prep!

I know I’m not ready…

Thank you Dr. Llera for these important Halloween pet safety tips!

Be sure to follow Dr. R. Llera on twitter and read his blog for more information and tips for pet owners.

Author: Kelly Harding

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