Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Happy 8th Birthday Edie!

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Because you can never have too many balloons on your Birthday!

Wow – 8 years – it seems like only yesterday I brought this little black pug home and it’s been quite the adventure ever since!

Over the past 8 years Edie has created a name for herself on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, here on my blog, and of course, Edie wouldn’t be Edie without her own website Ediethepug.com , but most of all, Edie has a special place in my heart.

I had no idea how life would evolve over the years for me and Edie. Or, that this little black pug would now be considered a Social Media Influencer!

I’m “the voice behind Edie the Pug”, I’m also known as Edie’s “Humom”. What I post on Edie’s behalf is a true reflection of her pug personality – happy go lucky – a love for life and the people in it.

How is it possible for one little pug to change and add so much to person’s life – my life?

I believe it’s because of Edie and her larger than life personality, her contagious smile, and her love of people, that I have met and made so many wonderful friends from all over the world. I’ve gone on numerous adventures and been given opportunities that would not have been possible if it were not for Edie.

So to my little black pug, my heart dog, my companion, I wish you the happiest 8th birthday ever! I hope to have the honour of sharing many more years with you by my side.

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

It’s all about Edie and I’m ok with that. The Humom and voice behind the pug

I asked those who follow Edie if they would like to share a memory, or have any questions for, or about Edie. Below are the responses. I can’t tell you how much it means to me reading your kind words and the memories you’ve shared.

Janet on Facebook:

“I have so many (memories) it’s hard to choose. Here are a few: I love how she is so patient with her cat siblings, especially Lloyd! Edie is just the sweetest faced little girl, she melts my heart and brings a smile to my face. You cannot know how much it means to me that she lifts my spirits with your posts”

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Edie has such patience for her cat brother Lloyd

Wendy on Facebook:

“Just curious to know where you got your name from?”

Just before we got Edie we had been watching a movie called: Grey Gardens. Grey Gardens is the story about the lives of Edie Bouvier Beale and her mother Edith -relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. We fell in love with the movie and the name Edie, and as they say – the rest is history 🙂


Dexter the Pug on Facebook:

“Hi Miss Edie! Thank you for being such a good furiend to me’s!

Oh this be’s Dexter!

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

My good pal Dexter the Pug and I share the same pawsome taste in pug statues!

My first memory I’s do have of our furiendship is with our twin ceramics!

Wishing yous the Best 8th Birfday all rounds to yous! Much Lubs Always”

Dr. R. Llera

The memory of how she visited Kingston and I met my favourite pug!

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Visiting Dr. R. Llera at his clinic in Kingston, Ontario

Marie from Facebook:

“One of MY special memories Edie…is the wonderful day at work…where I worked before I retired…when you and Humom came for our Game of Thrones event at CTV! 

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Sitting on The Game of Thrones Throne at the CTV Studio!

I was up in our control room and was able to dash down to finally meet you and Humom…after so many fun notes…and I bent down and hugged you….and you know what happened??  My heart sang!! “

Happy Birthday precious Edie!

You are so so LOVED!



Furkidmom on Twitter:

  1. Asking why her tongue sticks out all the time.
  2.  Congratulating her on the weight loss with the Royal Canin food.
  3. Why doesn’t she wear boots? 😉
  4. And most important. Lettuce is not food! 😉

To answer the first question about why Edie’s tongue sticks out – simple answer – short nose long tongue 😉

Thank you for acknowledging Edie’s weight loss! Yes, Edie was once an obese dog, and with the help of our vet and proper nutrition – Royal Canin’s Satiety Support, Edie is now a very fit and health dog! Edie and I share our success story in the hopes of helping other pets and pet parents.

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Edie’s now fit and healthy

Boots – what can I say – pugs don’t like their paws touched never mind wearing boots! But Edie will tolerate wearing socks in extreme weather conditions.

About lettuce not being a food – Edie says that’s a matter of opinion and she LOVES it!


Sarah from Facebook:

So here’s my questions for Edie:

  1. How old were you when your humom got you? 
  2. When did you decide to get into social media?

Edie was just 9 weeks old when she came to live with us.

Edie started building her Social Media empire on Twitter in July of 2012 with this very first Tweet!

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

My very first Tweet July 20th, 2012!

Would love to see a puppy photo of Miss Edie too. 

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Baby Edie the Pug!


Kelly from Twitter:

Of course my favourite memories are MEETING Edie.  When I first met her at Woofstock last year I was surprised at how soft her fur was.  I thought it would be coarse.  It must be all those baths (sorry Edie!)  The next time I met her was at Park and Bark and I got to pick her up!  Maybe next time I’ll get to take her to my car!  Just kidding LOL.  She was modelling that day and she was so well behaved.  She did what her humom told her.  She loved the people and the attention – and her lettuce! 

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Doing some modeling

Another favourite memory was seeing the photos of her with the squirrel I gave her that day (for her birthday last year!)  I love her “asleep on the job video” and know how hard she usually works to catch those squirrels!

My other favourite memory is of trying to get her to be Toronto’s Top Dog.  I emailed probably 70 people and asked them to vote for her every day (and I reminded them a few times 😉   I included friends I met on former political campaigns and to them I made the subject line “Get out the vote”.  Some of them thought she was my dog and we’re quite mystified when I said she wasn’t and is never even met her! I voted every day even when i was in Italy for two weeks!  I’m glad she won Toronto’s Top Small dog.  She’s a great ambassador (ambassadress?) for the city.

Happy 8th Birthday Edie the Pug

Voted Toronto’s Top Small Dog!

I always have Edie’s twitter open and any time i need a 30 second break I see what she (and now Edna) are up to.  Her (human’s?) posts seem to capture her personality, outgoing nature, and sense of humour.  Extra cute or funny posts are sure to be shown to friends and family.  Some even ask about her now!  And my stepdaughter knows what I mean when I say BOL.

I hope I get to see Edie again this summer.  Eight is a big barkday so it will be exciting to celebrate. 

In the meantime thanks for bringing a smile to so many faces everyday Edie and happy 8th barkday!!!!

Hugs, Kelly


A big thank you to everyone who follows and joins in on Edie’s daily pug  adventures, and for sharing in on Edie the Pug’s 8th birthday celebrations with me!

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Edie! Hope your hooman spoiled you loads!

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    • Thanks so much! And yes, I was very spoiled!

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  2. Happy Birthday Edie! I hope Edna let you have a lie in!!

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    • Thank you Dr. Avery! Unfortunately, Edna doesn’t let anyone sleep in these days lol!

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