How Old Is Your Dog?

It used to be the question I’d get asked most often about my pug Edie had to due with her tongue.

“Why does her tongue hang out?”

“Does it always hang out?”

“Is there something wrong with her tongue?”

“Is she missing teeth?”

How Old Is Your Dog?

My tongue is my signature

The questions about my dog’s tongue have never bothered me. I take it in stride usually laughing along with them. I explain that there is nothing wrong with my dog’s tongue, and yes, it always hangs out and always to the left. It’s “Edie’s signature” I tell them.

But this post is not about my dog Edie’s tongue.

It’s about the newest most asked question I’m now getting about my dog.

How Old Is Your Dog?

How old is your dog? Inevitably, this question is followed up with “how long do pugs live?

It used to be I never thought twice about someone asking me my dog’s age. But now when I’m asked, the question feels different. Especially when it’s followed up asking about a pug’s longevity.

I Know My Dog is Getting Older

Yes, I know my dog is getting older.

The whitening of her muzzle and eyebrows are just one of the most obvious signs.

How Old Is Your Dog?

I may have white on my face, but I’m still beautiful

My now senior dog – senior dog, as if that’s not difficult enough to admit, it makes my heart ache.

Edie may not be as rambunctious as my two and a half year old pug Edna, but Edie still enjoys life. She enjoys going outside, taking walks, meeting people, playing with toys and going for car rides. The only difference being, she may not be as fast, and can’t always go as long as she used to.

I try not to take offence when asked about my dog’s age. But I admit, sometimes it stings a little. I’ve been guilty of asking the same question of others, a question I no longer ask.

How Long Do Pugs Live?

In answer to the question, “How long do pugs live?

If you google the question, “How long do pugs live”, the results will be anywhere between 12- 15 years. But as with any dog, there are many variables when it comes to longevity. Some we have no control over.

Regular Veterinary Wellness Checkups

Feeding Nutritionally Tailored Food


Keeping Our Dogs Slim

In my opinion, the best things I can do for my dogs to help maintain good health and live the longest life possible, not including health issues I have no control over, are, regular veterinarian wellness appointments, feeding a food that is nutritionally tailored to meet their needs, exercise, and, keeping my pugs slim.

So, How Old Is Edie?

How Old Is Your Dog?

Edie. Always my puppy

Edie turned 10 years old this past June. Once all black, she now sports flecks of white on her chin, neck, paws, muzzle, and her eyebrows, which at times makes her look like she’s judging me lol!

But no matter her age, Edie will always be my puppy.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. We have spent many years with senior dogs/pets. While it might be natural to reflect on what is lost, we learned to celebrate this stage of their lives to the fullest. In many ways, the senior years can bring the strongest of bonds. We believe very strongly that twice yearly lab work can detect any issues early and therefore prevention & care can really improve the senior years. We also saw excellent results in changing to a senior diet. Just over a year ago we had a houseful of senior pets. Two geriatric guinea pigs passed at 8 1/2 & 9 years of age. We lost our 13 1/2 year old dachshund in October. We now have an eleven year old diabetic cat, a 1 year old GP & a lively 2 1/2 year old dachshund. The dynamic in our home has certainly changed. But I am left with many comforting memories of our beloved seniors who gave us so much joy in their golden years.

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  2. Ten is not old. I just lost my 16 year old guy and I got him when he was around 8. He was black too – white muzzles on black fur stand out more which is why people notice. A white dog wouldn’t get asked that question yet.

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    • I don’t think 10 is old either Sherri! That’s part of my point. Yes, my dog is a senior, I don’t deny that, and yes, because she is black those white hairs are more prominent. And Sherri, I am so sorry for your loss of Victor.16 is a wonderful age, but even at that, it’s never long enough.

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  3. Edie and Edna are both lucky dogs! I have always faithfully vetted my dogs, but admit they were often overweight. Of our four pugs( all adopted)… three died at eight from various complaints, and one at 3 from a sudden aneurysm that the vet told us was unpreventable. Christmas Eve morning, she was in great health and great weight. I am so grateful to have known them.

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