Interviews From Edie’s Pug House – Felix the Pugzu

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“Interviews from Edie’s Pug House”

On this episode of Interviews from Edie’s Pug House, we have the most dashing Felix the Pugzu!

Welcome Felix!

Thank you SO much, Miss Edie, for allowing me the pleasure of this interview, I’m touched that you thought of me!


Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Felix the Pugzu

The Dashing Felix the Pugzu!

1) Let’s start off by telling us a bit about yourself Felix. How old are you, where do you live?

I am 7 ¾! I will turn 8 on July 16th! Everyone will be welcome to my birthday party at the Burgoyne Woods dog Park!! I live in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada! Right in the heart of Niagara and 10 minutes from Niagara Falls! Although I seem to be getting older, my Ma says I have maintained my puppy energy! I had a rocky beginning being born in a puppy mill, but! My parents came along and swooped into pick me up! (Don’t worry, that PM got shut down in a hurry!)


2) Felix I understand like me, you share your home with cats! What are their names, how do you feel about them?

I do have cats! I have 2 Cat brothers! Fraser is an Orange Tabby and is the old guy! He’s 19 and going strong. And, Hemi is a Tuxedo cat, who is 11 and still thinks he’s a kitten! (Even though he’s ginormous!) We get along pretty great!

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Felix the Pugzu

Felix, Fraser and Hemi


3) Any future plans for a canine addition to your family?

WELL…. I certainly hope so! Ma has been trying to find me a Pugzu brother or sister for YEARS! Apparently we are hard to find in Canada! I wouldn’t mind a little sibling to show the ropes too! I have so much


5) Felix you are not only cute, but quite the fashion forward pugzu! I think you would make a pawfect model! Do you have a favourite designer?

Why, thank you, Edie! You’re pretty Stylish yourself!  I have a broad variety of brands in my closet! My famous Tuxedo is by Alfie! Pinstripes, brass buttons! James Bond, eat your heart out!! We love the fit and style of Penn + Pooch! I am always wearing Puppia Harness’s! And, my current favourite accessory is My Lighthound vest, by NoxGear! I am constantly getting compliments about my light up vest! I’ve discovered a company called Pretty Paw, a Canadian company that has some pretty creative designs that I’m sure you’ll see me rocking in the very near future! 😉

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Felix the Pugzu

Fashion forward Felix the Pugzu


6) Tell us about your yearly fundraiser that helps provide a service dog to children and why this organization is important to you.

Our extended family is packed full of Teachers, Educational Assistants, Principals and Early Childhood Educators! My Ma worked for the YMCA (many moons ago!) and responsible for re-writing all of the Youth Programs and Camps, to make sure they are inclusive for children with all special needs. Her focus was mostly on children with Autism and children with behavior disabilities! Having me and working with all those Children, Ma knows how beneficial a Service Dog would be for some of the kids she worked with! We fell into the event by accident, just participating for fun! But when we found out it was a Fundraiser!! Challenge Accepted! We have been the Top fundraiser for the last 3 years and in the top 3 for the last 5! I must give a huge shout out to all our Social Media friends for taking the time to sponsor me!! #DogsHelpingDogs!


7) I understand that you get a weekly allowance! Are you saving for something special, or do you spend it as you get it?

I do!! I actually like to call it #PugzuCuteTax! I mean, we’re taxed on everything anyways, so why not tax my Ma for having a cute Pugzu! BOL!!   Well, I saved up all my allowance and I hosted my Birthday Party at my favourite dog park (Burgoyne Woods) and all my friends came to celebrate and in lieu of gifts brought donations for the LCHS! We over-flowed their bin! And with my allowance, were able to give them a substantial cash donation too! You are definitely invited to my Birthday Party this year Edie! We would have so much fun!!

Oh Felix I would love nothing better than to come to your Birthday Party!!

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Felix the Pugzu

Using my pugzu allowance to help others


Ok Felix, time for the lightening round! What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when I ask the questions:

Favourite thing ever? Charlie the Carrot

Least favourite thing ever? BATHS!

Dog bed or Human bed? Wherever you put my blanket!

Thank you Felix for joining me on this episode of “Interviews from Edie’s Pug House”!

If you would like to see more of Felix, be sure to follow him on Twitter @felixthepugzu and be sure to stay tuned as Felix takes on the job as my “Roving Pugzu Reporter” at this years #PugsTakeChicago event, May 6th & 7th, 2017!


Will you be the next to join me on “Interviews from Edie’s Pug House”?

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Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. My dog Victor loves Burgoyne Woods dog park because there’s a little dog side, which he rules. Vic visits his fur gramma in St. Catharines occasionally and he used to live in Welland.

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