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Finnegan & Seamus

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Finnegan & Seamus

Finnegan and Seamus

1) Tell us a bit about yourselves Finnegan and Seamus:

Finnegan: I’m 5yo. I was born March 21st 2012. We live in New Maryland, New Brunswick (suburb of Fredericton). 

Seamus: I’m 3yo. I was born November 7th, 2014. Finnegan is actually my uncle. His brother (named Seven) is my father.

Finnegan’s your Uncle Seamus, how cool is that!

Finnegan was a very difficult puppy to handle when growing up. Fought with mum all the time. Had to hire a dog behaviourist for help. Now he is the best, well-trained, loving dog ever.

Aww, Finnegan, hard to believe you were ever naughty 😉

Seamus was so easy we didn’t invest too much in training. Also, he was seriously ill when 7 months old and we almost lost him. We ended up in Prince Edward Island at the Vet College and they saved him after three days of treatments. Since then, Seamus has been the happiest pup, living life to the fullest!!

Oh that must have been very scary for your humans! So glad you were able to get the help you needed Seamus.


2) You both seem to get along so well! But let’s be honest here, is there any sibling rivalry?

Finnegan is the fatherly figure, dominant. He likes his own space, his own toys. He likes to keep his humans for himself. Seamus is a clown: always wants to play. He is teases Finn ALL the time. He likes to cuddle with/on his brother even if Finn doesn’t like it. We don’t fight, but we play rough sometimes!

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Finnegan & Seamus

Best Buds – Finnegan & Seamus

3) Do either of you have any special talents – other than melting hearts and winning at getting cookies?!

Finn: very very smart dog. Knows all the names of each toy. Can learn new tricks after being showed only once. Mom says my vocabulary is amazing, for a dog. She truly believes that I know at least 150-200 words.

Seamus: my best talent is giving the greatest cuddles ever. And I can destroy mum’s clothes in a fraction of a second, if left unattended… I also eat at light speed. I actually only have two speeds for everything I do: sleep speed or light speed. No in between.


4) I know this is a scary thought, but if you had only one toy to play with, what would that be?

Finnegan: Tug toy

Seamus: BALL!!! I’m CRAZY for balls


5) Which one of you would be most likely to get into trouble if left home alone, and what kind of trouble would that be?

Totally Seamus. The only time he would be bad is if clothing were left out by mistake. Clothing will be automatically shredded in a million pieces. Finnegan will watch and will not get involved. If Seamus gets a hold of something he shouldn’t have, Finn will go alert mum right away.

Good boy Finn for keeping an eye out and letting mom know when Seamus is getting in trouble!


6) Is there anything that makes you nervous/scares you, or you don’t like?

Finnegan: vacuum, baby fences (those are the worst), ear drops, metal noises. Anything has the potential to be a monster.

Seamus: was fearless until recently. He’s now very very scared of strong winds (when inside the house).

Are you sure those winds aren’t coming from Finnegan? BOL!


7) What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Finnegan: Casey (his stuffed puppy he got when he was 8 weeks old). Sleeps with it, meditates with it after each meal, cuddles with it.

Seamus: BALLS!!!!

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Finnegan & Seamus

I love my stuffed puppy!

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Finnegan & Seamus

Balls! Balls! Balls!


8) Best day ever!?

Best day ever? Walking days!! We love walks!!! Or car rides. And also when we have guests, which means we get extra attention.

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Finnegan & Seamus

Finnegan and Seamus love their walks

9) Favourite treat?

Orijen treats, bananas and peanut butter. We lick a spoonful almost every morning.


10) Human bed or dog bed?

Dog beds: we have 2 extra large LLbean beds that we love, plus two other smaller sizes LLbean mats. And also two memory foam Costco mats. We are spoiled.

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Finnegan & Seamus

Finnegan and Seamus enjoying one of their many beds

Thank you to the fabulous Golden boys, Finnegan and Seamus for sharing their story!

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