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Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Kirby Pug



1) Tell us a bit about yourself Kirby

I am 8 years old and live just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was born in northern Minnesota and was the last of the litter to be adopted at 9 weeks old. Dad saw my picture in the paper and knew I was the one. That morning he told mom they couldn’t get a pug. I know I am the best thing to happened to them.

My humom has a bit of a crush on you Kirby, so we understand why your humans couldn’t resist you!


2) Do you share your home with any other furfriends? If not, any plans for future additions?

My first five years I shared my home with a cat named Blackie. He passed away almost 4 years ago. There are no plans to add to the family as of now, but mom and I are hoping soon.


3) Kirby, tell us about this fascination, or should I say your passion, for eggs!? Have you always loved the taste of eggs, do you remember the first time you tasted an egg?

My humans love to make breakfast and a few years ago they decided to give me a small piece of eggs that were left overs and the rest is history. I started barking and whining the minute the pan and egg carton comes out and the humans now know to make an extra egg for me.

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Kirby Pug

Love me some eggs!


4) Now pugs like ourselves need to be treated like royalty – as it should be 😉  I see your humans got a K9 Sports Sac to carry you around in. What do you think, do you recommend one for each and every pug?

I’ve only had it about a week, and I seem to like it so far. I am comfortable in it once I am in and enjoying being close to my humans. Mom is looking forward to using it in Chicago as I don’t like to walk very far and it keeps her hands free.

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Kirby Pug

Carry me humans!


5) You’re a very fashionable pug Kirby, with quite the collection of bow ties.  Do you have a favourite tie?

Thanks to my friend, Welly the CEO of Curly Tails Ties, (@curlytailties) I have so many ties and such little time to use them all. My favorite tie ever is a turquoise chevron pattern tie that really pops on my black fur. This is one of the first ones they ever sent me.

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Kirby Pug

Kirby looks great in any bow tie he wears!


6) Whose the most famous pug (dog) you’ve ever met?

Last year at Milwaukee Pugfest I met Violet (@Violet_Pug), Timmy (@TimmyOPug) and Minnie and Max (@MinnieMaxPugs).

Oh Kirby I am so jealous!


Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Kirby Pug

Timmy, Violet, Kirby, Max & Minnie! Photo by: Violet Pug


7) Will you be going to #PugsTakeChicago ? If so, who are you most pugcited to meet?

I will be going to #PugsTakeChicago! I am most pugcited to meet Hamilton (@Hamiltonpug). If he didn’t start #PugChat on twitter I would not have met all my wonderful friends. I am also looking forward to meeting Welly (@WoofWellington), Weston and Flat Quatchi (@QuatchiPug)

Did you know Hamilton was my first guest here on Interviews From Edie’s Pug House! One day I hope to make it to one of the #PugsTake events!


8) Dog bed or human bed?

I started sleeping in my own dog bed from the start and have continued to sleep in my own bed. Dad says I would hog the bed.


9) Favorite treat – other than eggs 😉 ?

I love bananas and peanut butter and apples. My favorite non-human food treat is Fruitables apple bacon chewy bites.

Oh bananas! Kirby I can hear a banana being cracked open from across the room!


Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Kirby Pug

Hanging out with my raccoon TK

10) Favorite toy?

My favorite toy ever is my stuffed raccoon named TK. I got him my second day home and he was bigger than me. I currently have 4 different ones spread out across the house and mom lost count how many of them she has bought. She currently has a stash in the closet as they are hard to find now a days.


A big thank you to Kirby for joining me today on Interviews From Edie’s Pug House!

If you would like to see more of the adorable Kirby, you can follow him on Twitter @kirbypug


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