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Welcome to Interviews from Edie’s Pug House!

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Dexter Pug

Pull up a dog bed, relax and enjoy today’s Interview from Edie’s Pug House!


Introducing fellow Canadian Pug Pal:

Dexter the Pug!

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Dexter the Pug


1) Dexter, start off by tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I turned 9 years old this past May but I’s actually celebrates my Gotcha Day on June 17th. The Vet announced to me’s to be’s a Senior Pug last year. I’s live in them chilly wintery tundras of Okotoks, Alberta with my human Brudder, Momma and Dad.

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Dexter Pug the Pug

It very important to keep those pug ears warm during the cold winters in Alberta, Canada!


2) I understand that it took 3 times before you found your forever family. Tell us how you knew THIS was finally the family for you?

I’s first knew this be’s the pawfect family exactly like lubs at first sight ♥♥

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Dexter Pug the Pug

With glasses like these, anyone can see it was Lubs at first sight!


3) Do you share your home with any other furfriends, if not, any plans for future additions?

Do stuffed Pugs count because theys all overs my house?… I’s an only pug right now but I’s always eavesdropping on my Momma and Dad and they always be’s on the lookout for another pug. My Momma be’s very smitten with black pugs. .…Just Like Yous Miss Edie!!

Oh Dexter you making me blush!


4) Dexter, the last time I looked you had over 16,000 friends on Facebook- WOW! What do you attribute this Facebook fame too?

((( Pug Blushes ))) I’s always to try keep my page funny and full of Lubs

Yes Dexter, that’s just one of the reasons we all love you so much, you’re all about sharing the “Lubs”.


5) Explain to my friends how you help “Drive friends over that Wednesday hump” !

I’s figured that there’s gotta be’s a way to get over this Wednesday Hump with a little more fun. Wednesday can sometimes be’s so hard to get over. So my Dad had some photos of me’s in my favourite Truck that I’s always have to be’s sitting in when he’s working in our garage. And the rest is history! BEEP BEEP!!

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Dexter Pug the Pug

Dexter can get you over that Wednesday hump!

6) Have you met or made any famous friends (dog/cat/ human or otherwise) through your Facebook page?

I’s do admire Captain Blue Chip, The Bumblesnot , Hamilton Pug, and of course you, Miss Edie

I’m so honoured to be mentioned in such a pawsome group of pals!

7) Is there any pug/dog you haven’t met that is on your bucket list of “I got to meet this pug/dog?”

I’s wish I’s was able to meet my all furiends in person one day and shake their paws , give nose boops and sniff, sniffs away.


Ok now for the lightening round questions, are you ready Dexter?

8) Favourite toy?

Mr Pillar

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Dexter the Pug

Love my Mr. Pillar

9) Favourite treat?

Orijen Treats

10) Human bed or dog bed?

Yes and Yes


Thank you Dexter for taking the time to share your story and for always sharing the “lubs” over on Facebook!

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Dexter Pug the Pug

Dexter’s all about sharing the Lubs

If you would like to see more of Dexter, be sure to follow him on his Facebook page @DexterPuggah


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