Interviews From Edie’s Pug House – Fishstick the Pug

Interviews From Edie’s Pug House

Introducing Fellow Canadian Pug

Fishstick the Pug

Interviews from Edie's Pug House - Fishstick the Pug

Fishstick the Pug

1) I guess the obvious question, the one everyone most likely wants to know is your name! Tell us Fishstick, how did your name come about?
I’m a Rescue Pug that came to my forever home from Pugalug Pug Rescue – My new family thought my name was not near as fun as my personality was so they wanted to change it. ‘Fishstick’ was what they came up with. They wanted a name that would make people smile – mission accomplished, I’d say.
2) Tell us a bit about yourself Fishstick, where do you live, how old are you and when’s your bark day?
I live in downtown Toronto with my Mom and Dad. I am turning 8 years old on January 17.
3) Are you an only pug, do you have any brothfurs or sisfurs?
I’m an only Pug, however I do have a pair of pug best friends who live across the street, Rupert and Marvin. Mama and Daddy are considering getting me a little sister. I’m not sure if that is something I’d like as I love being the center of attention.
4) I guess I should be asking for your pawtograph because I understand you’ve been in a video! Tell us more about that!
My family feels strongly about supporting Animal Rescue. At a fundraiser event for Pugalug we were approached by a producer who was in attendance who liked my look. She talked to my Mom and Dad about me possibly appearing in a documentary about the joy a rescue dog or a dog with special needs can bring to a family. It was called ‘Rescues Rock’ and myself and Daddy appeared in the film.

How exciting Fishstick! I’ve included the Rescue’s Rock video for everyone to see!

5) Fishstick do you have a special toy, one that you couldn’t imagine your pug life without?
My Zebra Pig. He is my best friend. He knows all my secrets.

6) We’re coming up to the holidays, anything special on your list?
Finding new ways to guilt my grand-paw into giving me more treats, and getting my photo with Santa.

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Fishstick the Pug

Fishstick the Pug and Santa

7) Dog bed or Human bed? Where do you sleep?
Dog bed on the sectional sofa in the living room and in the big bed with Mama and Dad at night.
8) Do you have any dislikes?
People/dogs who walk past my house and anyone who looks sideways at my Mom.

Oh yes, it’s important to protect our humans!
9) What’s your most favourite thing ever!!!
My treat cabinet (aka Craft Services) – yes I have a whole cabinet filled with treats. I am a spoiled Puggy.

Wow Fishstick, a whole cabinet filled with treats just for you! 
10) Tell us something that no one knows about you – we can keep a secret!
When you scratch my hind legs I will yawn – 100% of the time – Mama and Daddy call it my “yawn button”.

A big thank you to Fishstick the pug for taking time out of his busy schedule to join me in my pug house and tell us a bit about himself.

Interviews From Edie's Pug House - Fishstick Pug

Fishstick the Pug

If you want to connect with Fishstick you can Tweet him on Twitter @fishstickthepug, or view his pics on Instagram @fishstickthepug

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. We LOVE Fishstick the Pug (and Miss Edie of course). Thanks for sharing the video and spreading the message that Rescues Rock He is such a star.

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