Itchy Pet See Your Vet

This past winter was a very long and hard one to say the least!

But it’s finally over and spring is on it’s way.

How do I know this?

Well I can finally enjoy my backyard again, laying in the sun, watching the birds and squirrels invade my space, and sniff all the grass that was buried under snow for all too long!



How else do I know spring is finally here?

I’m itchy!

Yes, it’s dreaded allergy season again.

It starts with my paws, lick, lick, lick, and then of course there is the scratching.

As soon as my humans start to see these symptoms it’s into the wash tub for me.  I’m fortunate that I don’t require any medications from my Veterinarian, but I do get a soothing shampoo and conditioner from her that helps wash out the allergens and relieves my skin.



Many pet owners can mistakenly believe that the signs of seasonal allergies present the same in their dogs as it does in humans: itchy, watery eyes and sneezing – but dogs express their allergies through their skin.

If you have a dog with seasonal allergies, the signs listed below may be all too familiar.

Signs of seasonal allergies in dogs include:

Ear infections

Reluctance to hear handling

Itchy or swollen red skin

Excessively chewing paws

An easy way to remember is to think ESP : Ears. Skin, Paws


For a list of common allergens that can effect your dog, and photos of dogs “before and after”, check out this informative article, “Itchy Pet See Your Vet” by Royal Canin Canada

Not all dog’s need medications such as steroids to control seasonal allergies.

Your Veterinarian can also prescribe a quality food, such as Royal Canin’s Skin Care, which can help the skin form a protective barrier against seasonal allergies and high fatty acid diets that can help reduce inflammation.

An Ipsos Reid poll revealed that there is still education needed when it comes to using diet to treat seasonal allergies — to reduce reliance on medication such as steroids. Of those dog owners polled, 45 per cent don’t know that a dog’s diet can have an impact on seasonal allergies.

To help take the “itch” out of your dog’s seasonal allergies, Royal Canin Canada is having a contest!

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This post graciously sponsored by Royal Canin Canada

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Our Lois has cray cray allergies. We’re not sure if they’re food or environmental related 🙁 What we do know is she has the classic symptoms described in your post.

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    • I used to think my allergies where food related, but now I realize that the symptoms always appear in the spring and fall when certain plants and trees are in bloom.

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