It’s BBQ Time!


Starting up the BBQ. Place your orders here.


Testing the waters for those who want to go swimming.


What’s a BBQ without a “sandbox”?


Don’t forget your sun protection!


Today we’ll even let the squirrels hang out


Fresh tomatoes for you burgers


Of course we need to have a Pug-o-War


I hope everyfurone had a great time and you come back very soon!


Author: Kelly Harding with Edie The Pug

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  1. Heya Edie! Love your photos, what nice fresh tomatoes you have there! Did they come from your garden? Chat with you soon! xx ~SweetnSavry

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    • Paw waves my good friends! Those tomatoes were given to me from my neighbour, very tasty indeed 😉

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  2. That looks like a pawsome BBQ! Happy Wordless Wednesday 🙂

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    • Could you imagine! BOL!
      The fun we would have, the dishes we could make!
      Pug recipes by Edie the Pug!

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    • If there’s a drop on the ground, I’m right there to help pick it up! 😉
      Such a clean pug am I!

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        • I do like to help out when I can 😉
          It never hurts when food is involved BOL!

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    • BBQ’s are always fun with friends!

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