It’s Flea and Tick Season!

This is a sponsored post to help bring awareness to the importance of flea and tick prevention.

It’s Flea & Tick Season!

It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter. I guess I shouldn’t complain or even be surprised, I live in Canada after all 😉

My dogs and I are looking forward to warmer sunnier days, spending more time outside, going for regular walks, and adventures to our local parks.

This is a sponsored post to help bring awareness to the importance of flea and tick prevention. I only share information that is important to the health of my pets and what I believe my readers will find of interest. I am not a veterinarian. This post is not a substitute for veterinarian care. Always consult with your veterinarian for what’s best for your pets health.

As excited as my dogs and I are about the return of warmer weather and spending more time outdoors, I’m not excited about what a simple increase in temperature change can mean for my dog’s health and safety.

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

March is Flea & Tick Season

March is flea and tick season and a critical time to speak with our veterinarian about recommendations for flea and tick prevention.

It's Flea and Tick Season! #ad #ThinkAgainFleas #ThinkAgainTicks

Ticks Can be Active All Year Round!

Surprisingly as it may seem, it doesn’t have to be summertime hot for our pets to be at risk for tick bites. In some parts of Canada, ticks can be active all year round. A slight increase in temperature to as little as 4 degrees Celsius can have ticks looking for a host to feed on – meaning our pets!

Check out this great site for more information about: Ticks and Fleas and How They Can Affect Our Pets.

Ticks Can Be Found in Our Own Backyard

It's Flea and Tick Season! #ad #ThinkAgainFleas #ThinkAgainTicks

City Dogs Need Tick Protection Too!

My dogs are city dogs and on occasion we take road trips outside of the city, however, once the spring weather arrives my dogs and I spend most of our time out in our yard. The dogs love lounging and rolling around on the grass, sniffing out what’s going on under those piles of leaves, and when I’m not looking, they sneak into my garden.

It's Flea and Tick Season! #ad #ThinkAgainFleas #ThinkAgainTicks

Ticks can be found in our own backyard!

I now know ticks can be found in my own backyard! Those piles of leafs and ground-covered plants where my dogs like to hang out – well that’s just the type of environment those nasty ticks like to hide out, just waiting to latch on to and feed off my dog.

What About Fleas?

Flea Risk Is May to October

Fleas are not far behind those nasty ticks!

In most parts of Canada the risk for fleas is typically from May to October with peak flea season occurring from early August through to early October, so it’s important to protect our pets from flea infestations as well.

There’s No Such Thing As Just One Flea!

It's Flea and Tick Season! #ad #ThinkAgainFleas #ThinkAgainTicks

Are you ready for this?

Fleas can Lay 40 to 50 Eggs per Day!

Fleas can lay 40 to 50 eggs per day! I’m getting itchy just thinking about it. Now just imagine how our dogs and cats would feel dealing with such an infestation of fleas.

You can learn more here about: Flea Facts and the Life Cycle of Fleas.

Ask Your Vet for Flea & Tick Prevention Recommendations This Spring

What can we do to help protect and manage the risks of fleas and ticks in our dogs and cats this spring?

How do I help reduce the risk of ticks and fleas for my dogs?

Manage The Risk of Fleas and Ticks

With Flea and Tick Prevention From Your Veterinarian

Each spring my dogs visit their veterinarian and we discuss the best flea and tick prevention to help protect my dogs from ticks and fleas. So now when my dogs spend their days outside, they can concentrate on catching that pesky squirrel and I can relax knowing they are protected from what lays beneath those piles of leaves, tall grasses and ground cover.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Fleas are awful but Ticks are the nastiest! Tick bites can lead to some really bad illnesses, it’s so scary. Great post!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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    • Honestly, ticks and what they can do and how they can affect not only our pet’s health but our health, truly give me concern.

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  2. My cats receive flea treatment year round because of the warmer winters in the South. I saw a flea on each of them this Winter!

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    • I imagine living in areas that are warmer all year round mean being proactive with their prevention all year round too! With finding fleas on your cats, do they also get into your home – curious?

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  3. Great timing for such an important awareness post. It gives me the eebie-jeebies thinking about ticks and fleas, especially how many eggs fleas lay a day. Yikes! I also hate ticks, and to think we have to worry about those buggers all winter, too. I have a senior gal who has some skin issues, so I am going to have to go alternative now to find a preventative for her this year rather than our standard tried-and-true, which has always worked so well. Wish me luck! (Any recommendations for a natural preventative)?

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    • I am so paranoid about ticks and fleas and always check my dogs when them come in from outside. The preventative measures we get from our vet help. I’m sorry your senior pup is having skin issues and I hope you can find a prevention that will work for her, possibly speak with your vet for some alternatives.

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  4. I loathe ticks and my yard gets so many. It’s never been a big problem but this year I have a catio, and I have leash trained, traveling kitties so it’s going to be an issue! I’ve used Advantage for fleas but it doesn’t treat ticks. Frontline works for ticks – but doesn’t work for fleas here.

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  5. “Fleas can lay 40 to 50 eggs per day!” Well I am officially terrified after reading that. We definitely need to get back on our monthly flea and tick routine!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Alex, Zach, and Navy

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    • Isn’t that a scary thought knowing a flea can lay that many eggs in just one day! I would hate to think how that would affect a pet that becomes infested with fleas.

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  6. I am equally excited to have warmer weather! You folks in Toronto seemed to get worse snow days than us, further North!
    Our vet has been great with recommendations for flea and tick prevention. Dr. Mudde has suggested that ticks are becoming more resistant to some treatments (scary). I am tempted to try a more homeopathic approach. We’ll see.

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  7. Argh- I hate ticks and fleas. Not a fan of chemicals either but the safest for Kilo. He got fleas 2 years ago in April in a garden as I didn’t realise they would be out so soon.

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    • Those fleas and ticks can certainly sneak up on us!

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  8. One advantage of the mess of having two feet of frozen, crusty, icy snow everywhere is that ticks are solidly frozen under it.

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    • I thought the same thing a week ago, but it’s amazing the difference a week can make. We’ve gone from freezing cold and snow to rain and milder weather – just the temperatures those nasty ticks like.

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  9. Thanks for this reminder. We’ve always treated our dogs for fleas and ticks, but years ago our indoor only cat had a terrible flea infestation. He was pretty skittish at the time and didn’t spend a whole lot of time with the humans. He was so sick he had to stay at the vets for a few days. While he was gone, the fleas started in on the rest of us. It was the awful. Lesson learned was we always treated our cat as well as the dogs for fleas and ticks!

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    • Oh your poor kitty that must have been terrible for him and quite the experience for you! I can only imagine it would take one experience like this to make sure our pets are protected in the future.

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    • that’s a mistake a LOT of people make – we used to have customers coming in all the time, I just can’t been these fleas – then after them complaining nothing is working we finally hear they have an indoor cat they’ve not been treating. Poor kitties. Once they take care of that they can beat the infestation.

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  10. Living in the woods in Georgia, we have always had issues with ticks. Never fleas, but always ticks!

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    • I imagine you have to keep a good eye on your dogs and always check them for ticks.

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  11. I feel like flea and tick season snuck up on me this year! I have to get my older dog started on his flea prevention. He’s allergic to fleas, and the effects if he gets bitten by just one flea are not pretty! Thanks for the reminder.

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    • Fleas are bad enough, but to be allergic to their bites must be just awful for your dog! Just another good reason to prevent before it happens.

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  12. We are definitely looking at flea and tick season this year as we will likely be traveling all over the US. Thanks for the reminder – and we will definitely do our research!

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  13. Great post and reminder, I worry more about the fleas than the ticks especially in the dog parks, that means more apple cider vinegar in the house also to spray everything and yes ask my vet for some of her usual flea meds.

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  14. This is a good reminder that we need to start our monthly regimens now!

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    • Most definitely! It’s important to get ahead of ticks and fleas before they start – I’ll pets will thank us for it 🙂

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