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When my humans  brought me home I was not to be the only spoiled pet in the house.  I was joining a family with 2 cats.  This is the story of Lloyd, and although he’s a cat, I “secretly” likes him 😉

Lloyd was adopted by my humans and joined our family 9 years ago, he was we were told, a feral kitten.

Lloyd was very timid, frightened, a bag of bones, his coat was dull, and not soft to touch.

The first week Lloyd made his home in my huparents bedroom; too frightened to explore the rest of the house he made the bottom shelf of hudad’s night table his bed, cautiously coming out only to eat and drink.

Lloyd tried to make my other cat Lily his surrogate mother, she would have nothing to do with him, Lily looked at Lloyd as if he was an alien, but at least she was nice to him.


Although Lloyd came to us at a very young age, we have to wonder just how much of his kittenhood he remembered. Whenever we would have company over or a repairman, Lloyd would make a point of disappearing until they were gone. Once he had my humom crazy with worry.

After a visit from a repairman, she couldn’t find Lloyd anywhere! She looked under beds, in the basement, behind every possible piece of furniture, yet he could not be found and would not come when called. We thought he somehow escaped out the door, so outside the humans went, flashlights in hands, calling for Lloyd, shaking treat bags, even had the neighbor out helping, still nothing.

The humans were beside themselves. After another search of the house, there he was, hidden in the deepest corner under hudad’s desk, not moving, staying as quiet as he possible could, no amount of pleading or treats could motivate him to come out, but we at least knew he was safe inside. Once Lloyd realized there was no one left in the house other than his “real” family, no repairman, he slowly, cautiously made his way out.


Ready for a belly rub

Today Lloyd is bolder and more confidant, although he is still cautious of new people and watches them from a distance. If you’re one of the choosen, and he feels safe with you, he will grace you not only with his presence, but will flip over onto his back and enjoy a scratch under his front paws or even a belly rub!


Lloyd and Edie

Lloyd and I get along amazingly, we have been known to share chairs, playfully chase one another and on occasion, he has shared my bed, although that doesn’t always please me 😉  When passing each other we always give each other nose sniffs.


That’s MY bed Lloyd

He loves the humans in the family, Lloyd will “answer” them when he is spoken to, will purr on demand, all you have to do is look at him to get his motor started, he is a big teddy bear who loves to be cuddled.


Lloyd has, shall we say, “interesting eating habits”, we believe these are contributed to not being fed properly at a young age, possibly left to fend for himself, he is always looking for food, wanting to be fed, “steals”, “sneaks” food from our other cat Lily, even has been known to snitch my food if given the chance.


That’s MY bowl Lloyd!

One unforgettable time, Lloyd was found on the dining room table, his face fully into the middle of a coffee cake!

We always know when Lloyd “sneaks” Lily’s food because he vomits almost every time afterwards. It seems like he realizes this now, that it upsets his stomach, so his “sneaking” of Lily’s food has become less frequent.

Lloyd is no longer the skinny bag of bones he was, if anything he has gone to the other extreme. The humans are working on  his diet, but that has been a challenge in itself because not only does he have a weight issue, he has long hair that contributes to hair balls, he also has digestion problems that cause him to vomit easily and on a somewhat regular basis. It has taken many changes in diet to find one that settles his stomach and gives him the feeling of satiety to assist in his weight challenge.

My days and life with my cat brother Lloyd have not only been amusing and challenging, but it definitely would not be the same without him – even though he is a cat;)


My cat brother Lloyd


Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Lloyd is the best Edie and he looks just like the cat I had growing up named Harriet aka Pookie Pookie (my sisters fault not mine LOL )

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    • Lloyd is ok I guess 😉 I think I’ll keep him around a little longer, he just needs to stay out of my bed! “Pookie Pookie” BOL!

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  2. Years ago, my mother had a cat who looked exactly like Lloyd. Love the new look of your blog Edie. 🙂

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    • Thank you for the compliment Catherine!

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