A Pug’s Friendship With Telus

As a dog, I usually get attention in the way of a pat on the head, a rub behind the ears or a scratch under the chin.  But this is a (true) story of my relationship with a company. That company is called Telus.

I have this strange relationship with T.V. and in particular commercials, especially if an animal is involved in that commercial. It started several months ago with a Telus commercial that featured a lovely leopard with gorgeous eyes.  Whenever that leopard came on the screen I would run to the T.V., barking, crying, bringing my toys to the screen, all in the hopes it would jump off that screen and come play with me.  Unfortunately that leopard never came to play.

Being a twitter savvy dog, I thought I would tweet Telus to let them know how much I enjoyed their commercial and how I wished I could get that leopard to jump off that big screen and play with me.   Well, much to my surprise, @Telus actually replied to me!  Can you imagine, a company such as Telus responding so quickly to a dog! Well, they did not disappoint me.  A couple of days later there was a knock upon my door.  There was a package.  Can you believe it, the package was addressed to me, Edie The Pug!  Needless to say, it was opened with such enthusiasm!  I couldn’t believe my bulging Pug eyes, there was a leopard just for me. It finally came out to play.

A Pug's Friendship With Telus

My leopard finally came to play

Fast forward several months.  That leopard had seen so much play time with me that my human said maybe it was time to say goodbye. No! It can’t be!  Again I turned to my twitter friends, telling them that my best friend was possibly going to leave me.  They rallied together and finally made my human change her mind.  I also looked for support from my friends @Telus and they got right back to me, told me they could possible help.

A Pug's Friendship With Telus

My much loved Telus leopard

A couple of days past and that wonderful sound of a knock at my front door happened again.  A parcel for Edie The Pug.  This time it was a very big box!  What could it be? I was bursting with excitement.  With the help of my human the box was opened, it was like Christmas morning!  Not only did I get a new leopard, but other toys and a bed, a new dish, and you know what else?  I got a sweater, not just any sweater, but one with my name on the back of it!

A Pug's Friendship With Telus

My human says I’m a very lucky Pug. For a company the size of Telus to help out and make a Pug like me so happy is quite something.  She also says that if Telus can take the time out to do this for me, she can only imagine how well they treat their human customers!

Just a side note to my friends @Telus,  I just love your new Panda 🙂


A Pug's Friendship With Telus



Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. How wonderful Edie!! You sure are special we loved how your tv friend came home to play!! Love Juneau & Sunny xx

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  2. You’re such a lucky little pug Edie! And purple is definitely your colour!


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