My Journey As A Pet Blogger

It’s been 6 years since I started my blog. To be completely honest, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time, but it seemed like a fun idea. I mean, what’s better than writing about your pets 🙂

My Journey As A Pet Blogger

My Journey As A Pet Blogger


Posts to my blog have always been pet related, but I’ve decided to step outside my comfort zone and share something a little more personal. Today I’m writing about my journey as a pet blogger. What blogging means to me, the ups and downs of being a pet blogger, and figuring out what the future holds for me as a blogger.

In the beginning I wrote from the view and the voice of my dog Edie – if you can imagine how a pug would speak of course. I shared Edie’s adventures, her daily life, the people she met, the struggles we both endured trying to get her to lose weight.

There were, and still are, times I struggle with what to write, but more so, wondering if anyone actually reads or is interested in what I am writing?

Blogging Has Not Always Been Easy

It Can Be Lonely

At Times It’s Frustrating

Blogging has not always been easy. It can be lonely. At times it’s frustrating. There are many, many hours spent behind the scenes preparing a post before hitting that publish button. There are days I question what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and if I’m good enough?

I’ve always taken the cautious side when posting, trying not to be controversial, but then again, maybe controversy is what people would prefer to read and interact with? But honestly, “controversy” is not the real me.

Constantly Looking to Improve

There is a constant feeling, ok, pressure, to improve my blog, find interesting topics, and of course, increase my blog’s page views. One of the top questions asked is “how many page views” a blog gets. And honestly, it can be a struggle. But what gets me through those days when I question myself is the support and assistance of fellow bloggers, pet and non-pet bloggers, who encourage me, teach me how to improve my craft, and importantly, help me understand my worth.

Reinventing & Incorporating What Interests Me

Over time I began reinventing my blog and the posts I shared. I still write about my dogs, and occasionally my cats, but now it’s done from my voice, the voice of the pet parent.

Pet health and welfare has always been of great interest to me and I wanted to incorporate that into my blog. However, I’m a firm believer that there is way too much misinformation out there when it comes to pet health. Not being a pet health professional, I never want to share incorrect information when it comes to our pet’s health. So for this reason, with the assistance of a veterinarian, I incorporated a pet health section called “Vet Chat“.

Remaining True To Myself

As A Blogger and Influencer

It’s not uncommon for bloggers and influencers to be contacted by PR firms and Companies looking to work with you to help promote a product or some form of pet information.

I won’t lie, it’s exciting when that starts to happen, but here’s the thing – my thing. To remain true to myself and honest with those that read my blog, I am very selective with who I will work with and for. For me, this has resulted in less opportunities of sponsored posts. But I view it this way. If I’m not comfortable with a product or company, how can I portray my confidence about that company or pet product to my readers?

Yes, when working for yourself it’s nice to be able to pick and choose who you work with, but it does mean I take a financial hit. Of course I did not go into blogging with the purpose of financial gain, but if I’m going to work on behalf of a company – yes, it is work – I will not do so for free, nor in exchange for “free” products. Those “free” products do not cover costs associated with running a blog, of which there are many, nor will free products cover my time.

But I digress.

Blogging Is Exciting & Satisfying


I Miss It When I’m Not Writing

The blogging and influencer industry can be challenging, competitive, and frustrating. Yet at the same time, it’s exciting, satisfying, and when I’m not writing and sharing, I miss it. Blogging and social media has afforded me opportunities I may never have been exposed to, and because of my blog and social media, I’ve made many friends.

Reminding Myself Why I Started Blogging

There are days I ask myself – and there have been many lately – “what am I doing and do I want to continue?”

When I have those days, I take a step back and remind myself why I started blogging – to write about pets, share and document my pet’s lives, our journeys, life as a pet parent and hopefully, make friends with other pet parents and pet lovers along the way.

I would like to finish up here by saying thank you to those who have been with me from the beginning, and those new to my blog. Thank you for allowing me to share my pets, my love of pets, and today, my personal thoughts.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. I can relate to your experience, and am appreciative that you are willing to share such an honest account of your personal journey. Sometimes it feels like we are writing or creating content without much feedback. I always try to acknowledge and thank those who stay true to their values and offer support of their work. It is a pleasure to read your work and follow your pets on their platforms.

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    • Thank you for your support, your comment, and for understanding and appreciating the work that goes in to creating a blog and its content.

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  2. I find your blog to be honest, and not full of, what I can only refer to as garbage. You’ve done a fabulous job scrutinizing those you work with to make sure the person reading your blog is not being scammed. As for a blog being a lot of work, oh my goodness yes! Kelly keep up the awesome work. I admire your commitment.

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    • Thank you Catherine, that means so much!

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