My Visit with Royal Canin Canada – As told by Edie The Pug

My Visit with

Royal Canin Canada

Part 1 – Edie’s View


I had the honour of visiting Royal Canin Canada or as I like to call them #MyFineFoodFriends.

Since I was a pup I have eaten Royal Canin food.  Sometimes I ate a little more than I should have causing me to gain a pound or two, but after a discussion with my Vet it was suggested I switched to Royal Canin’s Satiety Support, with this change and added exercise, I have returned to my proper girlish Pug figure.


As a twittering Pug I thought what a better way to connect with my fine food friends @RoyalCaninCA than to “follow” them.


It didn’t stop there, following them wasn’t enough, I had to woof with them, tell them how much I loved their food and how well I was doing on it. I would tweet them pictures of me with each new bag of food my human brought home for me.

I enjoyed their informative tweets about breed and food issues, even cat issues.  These I had to endure since I have 2 cats of my own and I figured I better try understand them as best I could. Their #PetFoodChat on twitter each week offered topics of discussion where pet parents could ask questions and get answers relating to the best type of food, info on aging pets, allergies, changes through out the seasons, anxiety and understanding body language in pets, just to name a few.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 7.54.38 PM

My tweets with Royal Canin Canada became more frequent as time went on and it wasn’t always to ask a question or talk about food – although it is one of my favourite subjects 😉 I had fun with them, they have a good sense of humour which helps to understand my quirky Pug antics.

As time went on I thought “Wouldn’t it be great if I could actually visit my friends at Royal Canin Canada”.

Had a dog ever done such a thing?

Would they want to take a chance on letting this Pug into their facilities?

Would the people I’ve been tweeting with all this time be as nice in person?

If they said yes would I be able to sneak a lick and have some samples?

I figured what have I got to loose? So I went for it.


Putting my little Pug paws on my ibone, I took a deep breath and tweeted “Would Royal Canin make a Pugs wish come true and let me come visit”?

Well, to my surprise they answered back and the answer was YES!

OMD I couldn’t believe it! Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long afterwards to go for my visit, I didn’t think I could stand the anticipation.

I woke my human up early on the day of my visit, I was not going to be late for this visit! We packed the car and off we went – Royal Canin I’m on my way!


 First Stop

The Distribution Centre




I was greeted by my friend Dr. Sara Ritzie who escorted me into the offices where everyone made such a fuss over me! I loved it, soaking up all the attention 😉 I didn’t know who to visit with first, so I just ran from one person to the other and back again!




I went into a meeting room with other humans where my human and I learned about Royal Canin’s history and the food they make .You know what was the cool thing? I was the only dog! I had a room of humans to myself, that was until we met Cash the OPP Service Dog. I will deny it if anyone asks, but he was a very handsome, dashing dog *blushes*. Cash came for only a short visit and left, so that meant I was centre of attention again!

When the morning session was done my human and I took another drive to:

The Royal Canin Canada Production Facilities



The Production Facilities is where any dog or cat would love to visit!  This is where the action is, the place that makes and fills our bags with all that delicious kibble.

I was thinking maybe I should move in – they have everything I need – friends and an unlimited supply of my food! But then I would miss my human, so it was a tough call, but I think I made the right one 😉

Royal Canin Canada is very committed to excellence and quality control and I was therefore unable to tour the facilities, but my human did and boy do I wish I had my ibone to take a picture because she looked pretty funny, wearing a white coat, vest, goggles. hard hat, booties and head phones!  I call it payback for all the sweaters she makes me wear.

When the tour was over my human and I  had the honour and privilege to meet Gregory Watine, the General Manager of Royal Canin Canada.


It turns out that I am the first Pug/Dog Blogger ever to be invited to the Royal Canin Canada facilities, I’ve never been more proud or honoured.


I hope I behaved well enough that someday I might get invited back again to visit my #FineFoodFriends at Royal Canin Canada.


Oh yes, for those of you who kept asking.  I did come home with a “couple” of treats.  And all I’ll say is – there’s none left to share!



Thank you Royal Canin Canada for a wonderful day.







Author: Kelly Harding

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