OAVT Conference 2015

I love going on adventures and meeting new friends, so when I was given the opportunity to attend the OAVT conference in Niagara Falls with Royal Canin Canada this month I jumped at the chance.


The Falls may have been frozen over but there was no lack of warmth and cuddles from the technicians!



These great group of humans were there to learn about new veterinary products and to attend seminars full of information to assist them in helping pets like you and me when we go to the vet.


Does anyone have any questions about weight loss strategies?

One of the classes was at the booth of my fine food friends, Royal Canin Canada.  Topics ranged from dental, dermatology, weight management and of course, weight loss strategies. I made sure to join these classes so if any of the technicians had questions about weight loss strategies I could tell them first paw what it’s like for a pug or any dog for that matter, to be on a weight loss journey.


Looks like a full class behind me


Catching up on my literature

If I’m going to be here with all these veterinary technicians I should study too!

I had a great time meeting all the wonderful veterinary technicians who care for us and make us feel comfortable when we go to see our vet.

Author: Kelly Harding

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