Once Upon A Rose Princess

I enjoy discussing about various topics on my site, all pertaining to dogs in one form or another.

I have written about how I learned to tweet and became part of the “twitter world”and more importantly all the new friends I have had the pleasure of making since tweeting.

I have posted a “My Friends” page, an article about a “Dog that Needs his Space and Why”, I have talked about the “Friendship” I developed with Telus, but today I want to talk about a twitter friend I made and why they are so special.

I met up with Ras and his family Norbit and Jackson, when each morning I would see a picture posted of them, usually looking like this….


And I tweeted “what a good looking crew”!

Well, it was from that moment on that I became good friends with them and their human. Now each morning I look forward to seeing their lovely faces when I sign onto twitter.


It’s wasn’t much longer after meeting them that I had the honour of having Edie’s picture drawn by Ras (with a little help from his human).  It looked like this….



I couldn’t believe that someone would be so kind to not only draw her picture, but mail it all the way from the United States.


Kind is only one way to describe Ras’s human, A.K.A. Dr. Debbie Mamone. You see, it turns out that she has written a special book that star some of Ras’s twitter friends.

This book called “Once Upon A Rose Princess”, was inspired by a mom she met on twitter who had a premature baby named Jasmine.  Jasmine spent the first 4-5 months of her life in hospital overcoming medical issues. Dr. Mamone wrote the book to celebrate  baby Jasmine’s discharge from hospital.

Though the book was not intended for resale, Dr. Mamone was encouraged by her twitter friends to publish it giving the profits to charity.


Dr. Mamone has met many dog friends from all over the world.  She incorporated these real dogs and her sketches of them, into a book to help teach baby “Princess” Jasmine life lesson’s in Perseverance, Optimism, Honesty, Loyalty, Sense of Humour, Conscience, Diplomacy, Equality and the Gift of Love.

The book also includes a lesson in geography, talking about where each dog lives and explaining a bit about where they live, whether it’s in Florida; home of Micky Mouse, Wisconsin; the toilet paper capital of the world or Australia, known for it’s kangaroos.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Mamone and her dog’s Ras, Norbit and Jackson.  It’s a pleasure to see someone caring enough to take the time out, produce a book based on a baby that started life out needing extra care, then she included dog friends met on twitter and to top it off , the proceeds of the book go to Caniniesforkids.org.

You can follow Once Upon A Rose Princess on Facebook or on Twitter @A_Roseprincess.


I hope you will join me in supporting Dr. Mamone’s charity, Caninesforkids.org, by purchasing her book, Once Upon A Rose Princess, available on Amazon.com






Author: Kelly Harding

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