Ontario SPCA – Animals’ Voice Pawdcast

When I started sharing Pawdcasts for the Ontario SPCA, it was usually about fellow dogs.

After pressure from my 2 cats, Lily and Lloyd I gave in and allowed posts about cats.

Now, this post of Animals’ Voice Pawdcast is being done, not because I have one of these in my family, but more out of the fear if I don’t post it, they may come after me! (Joking – not really).

Louie 2 OSPCA

In this episode of the Animals’ Voice Pawdcast, the Ontario SPCA speaks with Paul Goulet, Founder and Director of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Ottawa about proper pet care for exotic pets.

If you own an exotic pet or are thinking of getting an exotic pet, this podcast is perfect for you! Paul highlights what you need to know before purchasing an exotic pet, fills us in on best practices for caring for exotic pets and describes how they differ from the typical household pet.


Have a listen to the pawdcast on Sound Cloud by clicking this link: https://soundcloud.com/ospca/exotic-pet-care-animals-voice


For more information on Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, contact:

Paul Goulet at littleraysreptilezoo@gmail.com or visit www.raysreptiles.com.




Author: Kelly Harding

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