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Until last year when I had the privilege of becoming the Ambassador for Kijiji at Toronto’s Woofstock, I was unaware of the relationship between Ontario SPCA and Kijiji.  I  believe that there are many “pet people” who are unaware of this as well.

When you make a decision to adopt a pet, whether it’s from the Ontario SPCA, a rescue, Kijiji, or purchasing a pet from a breeder, there are always going to be the good with the not so good, and it is up to us to do our homework, and ask the right questions of the people we are getting our pets from.

Kijiji and the Ontario SPCA are working together to help us in our quest to bring us together with our pets and to protect animals welfare, and for that reason, Kijiji has changed it’s advertising rules when it comes to those who wish to place ads for pets on their site.


Ontario SPCA Animals’ Voice Pawdcast

 New Changes to Kijiji’s Pet Listings Feature

Did you hear about the changes being made to Kijiji’s pet listings feature?

In this episode of the Animals’ Voice Pawdcast, Shawn McIntyre, Community Relations Manager at Kijiji, is here to tell us all about it.

This is an exciting time for Kijiji and Animal Welfare organizations alike. Find out what these changes mean to Kijiji and how they’re helping Animal Welfare by listening now!

Have a listen to the pawdcast on Sound Cloud by clicking here.

For more information on this new initiative, click here.



Author: Kelly Harding

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