Ontario SPCA – Animals’ Voice Pawdcast

All of us dogs have an important role in our lives. These roles vary from being a companion to our humans, sharing their lives, making them laugh with our antics, keeping them warm by sharing 😉 their beds.

There are the strong, brave dogs that assist our police officers and military personal in the line of duty.

The therapy dog that go to hospitals and senior homes to brighten someones day.

Then we have the all important Dog Guides.

Lesa and Pepsi4

In this very special edition of the Animals’ Voice Pawdcast, the Ontario SPCA is joined by Lesa Newman.

Lesa is a dog guide owner and is speaking on the podcast to educate us on the importance of dog guides. Listen as Lesa tells the story of how her seizure response dog has changed her life.

Also, find out how you can get involved with the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Whether you would like to make a donation, volunteer, or participate in the Purina Walk for Dog Guides, find out how you can start making an impact in your community by listening now.

Have a listen to the pawdcast on Sound Cloud by clicking here.

For more information of dog guides, please visit www.dogguides.com.

To participate or support the Purina walk, visit www.dogguides.com/purinawalk

Author: Kelly Harding

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