Ontario SPCA – The SPCA Officer

Role of The Ontario SPCA Officer

The  job of an Ontario SPCA Investigations Officer is one I personally wish didn’t need to exist.

In a perfect world their job wouldn’t be needed, unfortunately this is not the case.

In this weeks episode of the Animals’ Voice Pawdcast, the Ontario SPCA speaks with Brad Dewar, Investigations & Communications Officer at the Ontario SPCA and Rebecca Tanti, Regional Inspector at the Ontario SPCA.


Brad and Rebecca explain the role that the Ontario SPCA Officer plays with the Society, what they do on a daily basis and explains what authority the Officers have.


Discussed are ways to report animal cruelty and where to go to learn more about Ontario SPCA Investigations.

If you would like more information on the role of the Ontario SPCA Officer, please do not hesitate to contact Brad Dewar at bdewar@ospca.on.ca or Rebecca Tanti at rtanti@ospca.on.ca

To learn more about the Ontario SPCA Investigations process, please visit www.ospcarescue.ca

Author: Kelly Harding

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